Intimate Wedding at Eklutna Lake

Kaitlyn and Ron decided to go for an intimate wedding out at Eklutna Lake in late October and let me tell you, it was so sweet!! It was a cloudy day with the sun peeking through the clouds on occasion. There was a light breeze creating soft ripples across the almost glassy water and the blue snow-capped mountains stood out in the landscape against the post-fall trees and branches, it was lovely. These two were all smiles and laughs and purely in the moment of their day. I’m so happy I was able to be a part of their sweet love story and capture these special moments in their life! To see it in all it’s summer glory click here.

I know a lot of couples are torn on whether to elope or do a full blown wedding. Both are equally wonderful and the choice is ultimately on the couple and how they prefer to celebrate. I love both kinds of weddings for different reasons and here is a little compilation of that:

Elopement/Intimate Wedding:

Less stress/planning- Weddings can be stressful; if you want to eliminate most or all of it, this will!

More time for Bride & Groom Portraits and often includes a little more adventure

There is something special about celebrating the moment with just your absolute closest friends and family


Everyone is there! Usually, the reception is a great party and so many fun photos come from it!

The fast pace and crazy fun- I love being surrounded by people and being in the moment and capturing all the candids!

Lots of details everywhere! From getting ready to the reception there are sentimental and special details spread throughout the day and I love seeing all the special touches in all areas!

Being a wedding photographer I have seen all of the above and like I said, all weddings are ABSOLUTELY wonderful and the choice is up to you whether you want small and sweet or a fun party! I love them all! Now without further ado, let’s take a look at this lovely elopement out at Eklutna Lake!

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