EEEEEP! You're getting married! I seriously can't wait to hear allllll about it and gush over the wedding dress and how cute you two are. For real, it'll happen! Weddings are crazy, wonderful, fun filled, and all around amazing days where you get to be with all your favorite people to celebrate your love and partaaaaay! It's a bittersweet day that goes by all too quickly and you'll wish you could experience it all over again. That's where I come in!

As your wedding photographer, it is super important to me to capture all the bits and pieces that make up your day, the details, emotions, and sweet moments. At the end of it all when the cake is eaten, flowers wilted, and decorations taken down, you'll have some absolutely AMAZING photos to remember the day by! You'll get to relive the laughs, tears, and in-between moments from one of the best days of your life.

that matter most

the moments

"But donna, What if we're totally awkward?!"

Meet Donna

or hot donnaaaaaa (if you haven't watched that 70's show...well, this is awkward...disregard...)

Oh hey heyyy! I'm so stoked that you're here!! I'm a wedding photographer based in Alaska, but I love to travel whenever and wherever I can! Some of my faves: my husband (he's hot and carries my camera bags and feeds me yummy food, need I say more? ;)), my plants (I have live in a mini jungle, coffee (caramel lattes are liiiiife), Shakira (I know pretty much all her songs, hello I'm half Colombian!). I grew up between Homer and Willow, Alaska as well as Colombia which inspires a lot of adventure in my photography, traveling is in my blood. 

My favorite thing about being a professional photographer is all of the amazing people that come into my life. In me you will find a friend and a cheerleader. I am truly invested in every session and wedding and the people within them. I believe in being yourself and letting that shine through in every experience and photograph. I also love being a photographer in Alaska of all places, it is a gorgeous state that offers endless backdrops for sessions and weddings. 


Mikylla + Riley
"We had the perfect engagement session experience with donna. she’s super personable, will accommodate special requests and locations, and always prompts the perfect poses and moments to capture unforgettable memories. we felt super comfortable around her (despite it being -5 degrees) and loved how prepared, yet spontaneous she was. thanks for the amazing experience, we’ll hopefully be seeing you on our wedding day 💕."

it's all about
the experience

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