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It's no secret that eloping in Alaska is a grand adventure. From hikes in the mountains, helicopter tours to glaciers, to sailboat excursions and more. There is no shortage of exciting things to do and experience on your elopement day.

But ultimately how you feel on your day is the most important part. With the sky being the limit on what you can include and do on your elopement day, I want you to think about what will make you feel connected, comfortable, and excited about your day and run with that!

Because the more personalized your day is to you as a couple, the more meaningful these memories and photos will be. I'm HERE for it all!

Alaska Elopement Photography for couples who want to experience a wedding day that feels like their relationship.

Meet Donna

If you're looking to elope in Alaska and want a local (born and raised) to help you through the elopement process with inside tips and recommendations, then look no further!! This state is unmatched in beauty and I love sharing and experiencing it with awesome couples!

You'll have the ultimate elopement sidekick with me by your side providing expert recommendations on locations, vendors, activities, ways to prepare for your elopement and more. You're in good hands because not only have I lived here my whole life, but I've also been at this photography thing for a while (coming up on 8 years professionally, 16 years total).

Whatever adventure you have in mind, nothing is too big or too small! Anything you can dream of is possible, from a simple scenic picnic, to a helicopter tour, off-road excursion or boat outing and everything in between, let's make it a reality!

Not sure what kind of adventure is the right fit yet? No worries, your epic elopement plans start here!

I can't wait to meet you!

Heyyy!! I'm Donna, your local Alaskan adventure photographer

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Here for all the little moments when you:

  • laugh so hard your cheeks hurt
  • catch your breath in awe of the views
  • kiss each other between your vows
  • tuck hair behind the other's ear
  • warm each other up when it's chilly

and when you look at each other at the end of it all with the happiest smile on your face thinking "Holy crap we did it!!"

vibrant, fun, and memorable


Let's freaking do this!

Side effects may include:
  • wanting to move here
  • always bringing up "the best vacation ever" to your friends & family
  • pulling out your photo album to show everyone how amazing it was
  • and wishing you could get married to each other and do it all over again.

contact an elopement professional if you think this is right for you. 😉


You want some incredible photos that depict all the emotions and adventures of the day

You want to invest in memories that will last a lifetime

You aren't afraid of a little dirt and spontaneity

You want to experience breathtaking scenery via hike, helicopter, boat, or a drive, etc.

You value quality time and experiences together, especially fun adventures

with me as your photographer

AN alaska elopement might be for you if...

All the things you need to know about eloping in the beautiful state of Alaska written by a local Alaskan. From seasons, weather and clothing tips to marriage license information and recommended locations!

Everything You Need to Know About How to Elope In Alaska

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Planning an Alaska elopement and not sure where to start?

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Planning an Alaska elopement and not sure where to start?

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