Quality time and genuine interactions are things that I value in life and elopements are the ultimate representation of those things in wedding form!

The make-your-cheeks-hurt laughter, the "OMG ME TOO!" realizations, belting out lyrics to your favorite songs, bonding over delicious meals or having deep conversations are all such fun and special moments and make up many core memories, and that's what I want to document and create when I'm photographing elopements.

After having a big wedding myself, and having photographed large weddings for several years, I thought that was all there was. But when I photographed my first elopement all those years agoI fell in love.

Having a day so intimate and personal allows for those little relationship moments to shine through in every part of it. The one-on-one time you get with your partner, and the people you include is that much sweeter.

Soooo, I guess you could say I'm pretty obsessed with elopements haha

Hey, I'm Donna

(if you haven't seen That 70's show... well, this is awkward... disregard!)

parts photography obsessed


parts alaska expertise


part puns & dad jokes


your local Alaskan expert and elopement hype girl!

or hot donna...

Let's hop on a consult call!

You and your honey are about to embark on a SUPER freaking exciting adventure and I'm here to cheer you on every step of the way!!

your elopement cheerleader


After almost 9 years photographing weddings and elopements, I’m not phased by much and am here to help. Need help zipping into your dress because you're getting ready solo? I’ve gotchu! Not sure what to do on your elopement day? I'm FULL of ideas!  Need advice or emotional support through the process? I'm here to lend an ear and a hand with tons of knowledge to help you along the way.

been there, done that


Are you getting married in a Spanish speaking country or speak Spanish yourself? I’VE GOTCHU. I'm half Colombian and was raised speaking spanish in my household and really love meeting others from Colombia and Spanish speaking countries!!



Ever get home at the end of a long day and see that your eyes have gone full raccoon?! NOT TODAY! I’ll keep tabs on your mascara and keep you lookin’ fresh!

I'll keep an eye on your makeup


Alaska is a gorgeous and wild state with where we will often find ourselves with little to no cell service, and there is always the potential for injury when enjoying the outdoors. While I am Wilderness First Responder certified I'm NOT a medical professional. My primary role during your session is as your photographer. We're all responsible for our own safety, but I can help during a worst case scenario!

WFR certified


What better than to have a true Alaskan show you around this gorgeous state? Not only does that mean I have the hook up for gorgeous photoshoot locations, but also vendor connections, backup plan ideas, and the inside scoop on Alaska in general!

Your local alaska gal


Donna Perks

I've gotchu!
  xoxo, Donna


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Donna will go above and beyond to make your dreams come true when you book her. She has a true God given talent when it comes to making photos give you all the same feelings you had when they were taken.

Khristin S.

Sooo... what are you getting yourself into when booking me for your elopement?! Let me tell ya!!

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Hunter and I spend a lot of time camping, off roading, canoeing or just sitting in the sun. We also dig just sitting around the fire in our yard.

Catch me outside

You can always count on me for a good laugh! Cracking dad jokes, lame puns or reciting movie or tiktok quotes is my bread and butter!

Pretty silly

Born in Alaska and brought up between two different countries. I lived there many winters and am fluent in Spanish. (Pictured above is me in a Colombian poncho with Mt. Denali, a defining photo haha!)


Hunter is literally my biggest supporter and a huge part of why I do what I do today! We're been married 8 years and have two doggos -Allie & Copper.

Married to my best friend

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