I've been a professional photographer for over 7 years now and have found my passion in photographing couples in love. While your wedding day doesn't 'have' to be anything, it is the day that you're marrying your best friend and that's something to celebrate!

I'm here to guide you through a wedding experience that truly feels like you and your partner so you can be present and enjoy it to the fullest.

Whether that be a small intimate wedding with your closest friends and family or a 'just you' day for two, I'm  here for it as long as it speaks to you, your partner, and your relationship.

Bottom line is that I want you to be present on your day, celebrate with the people you love and not be worried about what you ' should' do, stuffy traditions, giving into peer pressure or anything else. All that matters is your marriage and this amazing adventure you're embarking on!

Does that sounds like your jam?

Hey, I'm Donna

(if you haven't seen That 70's show... well, this is awkward... disregard!)

parts Shakira dance moves


terrible puns


part Carhartt beanies


About Donna Marie Photography

or hot donna...

Absolutely, tell me how this works!

No matter how many couples I photograph between now and years from now. I’ll remember you!!

I care


After 7 years photographing weddings, I’ve seen it all! I’m not phased by much and am here to help. Can’t figure out that pesky bustle? Let me at it. Friends nowhere to be found to help with your dress and you need to pee in a bad way? I’ve gotchu! Need someone to give you a hug and cry with you(sad or happy tears)? Here’s my shoulder.

I've been there and done that


I’m not afraid of a little fun and am down to celebrate with you on your day if you want me to! If that means taking a celebratory shot, striking a dance move, or joining in on the fun, I'm in!

I'll hang


Ever get home at the end of a long day and see that your eyes have gone full raccoon?! Yeah. Not with me! I’ll keep tabs on your mascara and keep you lookin’ fresh!

I'll be your Makeup police


Let’s face it, Alaska’s cold. I’ll bring hand warmers along on those chillier days and keep you warm best I can! Always 100%  happy to hand over hats and gloves if you need to warm up and don’t have any on hand!

I'll keep you warm


Are you getting married in a Spanish speaking country or have family that is Latino/a or Hispanic? I’VE GOTCHU. I'm half Colombian and was raised speaking spanish. I’ll be chatting it up with your Abuela, dancing along side your Hermana and cracking jokes with your Tío. All while photographing the day seamlessly!

I'm Fluent In Spanish


Donna Perks

I've gotchu!
  xoxo, Donna


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Hunter and I spend every chance we get camping, off roading, canoeing or just sitting in the sun. Camping makes me so happy!

Catch me outside

I 100% love making people laugh. If that means being my full on silly self, then so be it!!

I'm pretty silly

Born in Alaska and brought up between two different countries. I lived there over the winters for 11 years of my life and am fluent in Spanish. (Pictured above is me in a Colombian poncho and it's just such a defining photo haha!)

I'm half Colombian

Hunter is literally the best choice I made in my adult years. He is a huge supporter of all that I do and also tells it to me like it is.

Maried to my best friend

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