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Oh hey, hi, hello, holaaaa! I'm so stoked that you're here!! Now that we have the formalities out of the way here’s the nitty gritty. So pull up a chair, sip some coffee or tea (or a mojito, whatever floats your boat) and read on!

Growing up between Alaska and South America (Colombia, ayyy!) gave me a sense of adventure and an eye for the beauty in this world. I also saw firsthand how love spans the globe and reaches across cultures and between people.  No matter our backgrounds, we all come together.

Is it any surprise I became a wedding photographer? ;)

Hot Donnaaaaa

(if you haven't seen That 70's show... well, this is awkward... disregard!)

parts Shakira dance moves


parts houseplants


part Carhartt beanies


I picked up my first camera at age 12 when my Dad bought his first digital camera. He might as well have kissed that camera goodbye, because it never left my hands. As an angsty teen moving so often, photography gave me a grounding. I was separated constantly from friends on both continents, but photos connected me to them despite the distance.

Honing my skills over the years on a series of point-and-shoot cameras, I grew into self-portraiture to experiment and then began photographing others. I was hooked. To this day, my favorite thing about being a photographer is watching my subject melt away the awkward and embrace who they are in front of my lens.

I married my high school sweetheart at 18, so I’m a romantic at heart. When I photographed my first wedding, I knew it was my calling and what I was meant to do. Capturing other couples in love and seeing them feel allllll the feels on their big day and being able to give them a photography experience that truly captures that is just incredible!

The love for photographing love has just grown and grown and now I seek any chance I get to take couples on fun adventures that showcase their true personalities and yield the best photos! When I'm not doing that I'm probably at Raising Canes or Jeeping around with my hubs hah!

How it all started...

I enjoy being in the beauty God created around me 100%, I even bring it indoors in the form of houseplants... I live in a jungle, haha.

Being in Nature

I 100% love making people laugh. If that means being my full on silly self, then so be it!!

Being Silly

Oat milk lattes with honey are BOMB. Fight me on this, I dare you!

Oat milk lattes

He's hot, carries my camera gear, and cooks me yummy food. Need I say more? ;)

My husband, Hunter

What I love Most:

No matter how many weddings I photograph between your wedding and years from now. I’ll remember you!! Yeaarrrsss from now, if you lose your photos somehow and reach out, I’ll know exactly who you are and when your wedding was to dig them back up for you!

I care


After 7 years photographing weddings, I’ve seen it all! I’m not phased by much and am here to help. Can’t figure out that pesky bustle? Let me at it. Bridesmaids nowhere to be found to help with your dress and you need to pee in a bad way? I’ve gotchu! Need someone to give you a hug and cry with you(sad or happy tears)? Here’s my shoulder.

I've been there and done that


I’m not afraid of a little fun and am down to celebrate with you on your day! If that means dropping some moves on the dance floor with you or taking a celebratory shot, or finishing the night off with a kegstand, I am at your service...Within reason ;)

I'll hang


Ever get home at the end of a long day and see that your eyes have gone full raccoon?! Yeah. Not on your wedding day! I’ll keep tabs on your mascara and keep you lookin’ fresh!

I'll be your Makeup police


Let’s face it, Alaska’s cold. I’ll bring hand warmers along on those chillier days and have blankets on hand as well! Always 100%  happy to hand over hats and gloves if you need to warm up and don’t have any on hand!

I'll keep you warm


Are you getting married in a Spanish speaking country or have family that is Latino/a or Hispanic? I’VE GOTCHU. I’ll be chatting it up with your Abuela, dancing along side your Hermana and cracking jokes with your Tío. All while photographing the day seamlessly!

I'm Fluent In Spanish


Donna Perks

I've gotchu!
  xoxo, Donna

I'm half Colombian

Most people don't know:


My favorite musician is:

Rooftop camping in our jeep every chance we get

When I have spare time, I:

The first/aisle look

My favorite part of a wedding is:

40 plant babies(& counting)

I am a mother to:

An oat milk latte

While editing I'm drinking:

quick facts



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