Meet Donna

or hot donnaaaaaa (if you haven't watched that 70's show...well, this is awkward...disregard...)

oh hey, hi, hello, holaaaa! I'm so stoked that you're here!! I'm a wedding and elopement photographer based in Alaska, but I love to travel whenever and wherever I can! Some of my faves: my husband (he's hot and carries my camera bags and feeds me yummy food, need I say more? ;)), my plants (I live in a mini jungle), coffee , Shakira (I know pretty much all her songs, hello I'm half Colombian!). I grew up between Homer and Willow, Alaska as well as Colombia which inspires a lot of adventure in my photography, traveling is in my blood. When you seem me out and about chances are you'll find me in a flannel and my trusty Carhartt beanie (basically like this picture hah!).

My favorite thing about being a professional photographer is all of the amazing people that come into my life. In me you will find a friend and a cheerleader. I am truly invested in every session and wedding and the people within them. I believe in being yourself and letting that shine through in every experience and photograph. I also love being a photographer in Alaska of all places, it is a gorgeous state that offers endless backdrops for sessions and weddings. 

No one:
Me: Well, here is a little more about me!!

I first picked up a camera when I was 12 years old, which at this point in time is half my lifetime ago *I literally just realized this, just now as I'm typing, what even*. It was when my Dad bought his first digital camera that he was immensely proud of. Well, he might as well have kissed that sucker goodbye because I quickly became obsessed with photographing flowers and cute little quotes written on papers and whatever else 12 year old Donna was into at the time(seriously, if you're interested just search smilejustbcuz on deviantArt, you'll be so impressed ;)). Long story short, that camera was glued to my hands 24/7.

He was a good sport though and would buy me a new point and shoot camera each time I outgrew the functions on the one I had from a previous year. He encouraged the passion wholeheartedly and for that I'm forever grateful (thanks Dad, you're the best!).

Fast forward to my highschool years, I finally got a semi pro camera in 2012 and got a little more serious about it *real serious, like $50 senior session serious!*. I upped my game and slowly moved on from the kitschy still life's I photographed and transitioned to real humans, *dun dun dunnn*. Turns out, I liked it.

Nowadays you can find me photographing couples that are totally in love for engagements, weddings or elopements, sweet families, seniors, creative sessions and the like! I'd be clearly lying if I didn't say that I focus mainly on couples. I think my love of couples photography ultimately stems from my love of rom coms, I could watch How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days on replay, for real. I love a happy ending and honestly, happy people make me happy! When you're in love it may not be the easiest thing in the world but it's the closest thing we have to magic (the good kind, sparkles and unicorns and stuff ;)).

I love a good adventure and spending time with the people in my life, I'm kind of a social butterfly. That's why this job has been the perfect fit for me. Photographing weddings and elopements is totally a social and I love being a part of them and meeting all the wonderful people they bring into my life!

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