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Elopement experiences for couples that want a day that feels like them


Choosing to elope and pursue a day that's just about the two of you is such a beautiful way to celebrate your love.

Your relationship and all it's nuances, are uniquely yours. So your day should reflect that!

The story of how you met and fell in love and all the little details in between.

From the little inside jokes, go-to date nights, your shared favorite experiences and adventures you've been on to the hardships you've faced, obstacles you've overcome and the support you give each other through it all.

Your story has so much depth

Eloping gives you the freedom to craft a day that feels aligned with your relationship and room to be yourselves, and that's freaking AWESOME!

Having an elopement day experience that you love with a photographer you connect with is the biggest factor in creating images that feel like you that will be the most meaningful.

We're ready, let's do this

a day that feels as unique as your relationship

I'm just as committed to your day as you are!

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"She is extremely talented and made us feel like we were her only clients. "

Katie & Cody

"She made us feel at ease, and from our first day reaching out to her, I felt like we were long lost friends."

Makayla & Mike

"She is absolutely amazing to work with as well—instead of feeling awkward and very posed during photos we were laughing and having a great time. There was no pressure or urgency."

Jennifer & Ryan

"Her communication is very prompt and detailed. You can tell she loves what she does, and she is passionate about photographing love."

Lindsay & Isaac

"Donna is super responsive and friendly, it felt like we were with someone we'd known for years. "

Janessa V.

Getting to know You

  • A big part of co-creating beautiful photos is trusting the process and being yourselves. So, I want to make sure we get to know each other and get comfortable whether that's meeting up in person or hopping on a few calls!
  • You'll get a fun questionnaire sent your way after booking that gives me the inside scoop on your relationship and guides my inspiration for your photos!

Crafting photos that fit you as perfectly as your wedding rings

  • Your elopement day is all about your partnership and your vision and I'm here to make that a reality, so lay it all on me!
  • Together we'll dream up a day that perfectly suits you as a couple, which will in turn lead to photos that are not only enchanting and epic, but also meaningful and heartfelt.
  • If you aren't quite sure what to do, or feel like you want to try something new, I have tons of inspiring ideas in my back pocket.

Your chemistry is the secret sauce

  • It's no secret I love what I do and taking beautiful photos makes my heart SO happy. Being able to tie in a couples love into these photos? INCREDIBLE.
  • Your relationship has range and depth. Your story is uniquely yours. Why should your elopement photos be any different? Trust me, there's no experience to adventurous or too cozy. If it's part of your vision, it's part of your album!
  • During your elopement, in addition to nerding out over beautiful lighting and sweeping scenery, I'll be picking up on little interactions I see you share and documenting those as much as I can. It's those sweet, sentimental moments that take a photoshoot from meh to magical.

My Elopement Expertise is all yours!

  • You'll have my unlimited guidance, resources and support when working with me.
  • In addition to a jam packed elopement guide, you'll get: Location scouting, permit info, vendor recs, photo timelines, backup plans, accommodation recs, packing lists, and more as needed!
  • You can pick my brain and ask me all the questions.

Focused on the experience, not the clock + no BS pricing

  • Just like love, the best adventures don't have a timeline. When you book with me, you don't have to piece your day together or figure out exactly how many hours of coverage you need in advance.
  • Allows for flexibility to adjust day-of timelines without extra stress or costs on my end. I'm yours for 8 hours +.
  • I also know how Alaska is, and that's why I offer easy weather rescheduling flexibility around the date you booked.


A lot happens behind the scenes, so here's a little peek at the process!
  • Everything is backed up to two harddrives and the cloud, and keep the SD cards intact until after the gallery is delivered.
  • Culling begins(choosing the best shots, discarding all the missed shots or anything that's not good).
  • Sneak peeks, showcasing different highlight moments of the day, are edited and delivered within a couple of days. I'll give you a realtime estimate(depends on if there's a travel day or another wedding day to follow.) 
  • The rest of the gallery will be delivered within 2-3 months after the big day. You will get a real-time updated timeline when your sneak peeks are delivered.
  • I edit in chronological order so I'll work down the list from earliest to latest work.
  • Your photos are delivered in an online gallery that you can access anywhere and share with any friends and family that you'd like.
  • You can also order products directly through the print shop and get metal prints, canvases, thank you cards, frames prints and other amazing art pieces with your photos!
  • I will also guide you through the process of creating the perfect wedding album and designing it for you.

Post elopement


The adventure can happen at any point in the day and isn't a 'set' experience. It all depends on what you have planned and the activities you'd like to do!
  • We might be headed out on a tour or other adventure to explore and get some great candids and portraits of the two of you.
  • Or maybe you want to wind down with a private picnic or dinner just the two of you in your airbnb or somewhere cool.
  • Maybe you're having a small reception.
  • Whatever the scenario, this is where you get to soak in those just married moments and celebrate however you want!
  • I'll likely have some personalized prompts I compiled from the questionnaires you filled out as well as conversations we've had. It will be a combination of fun prompts and poses to ensure it's a good time and that your photos are authentic to you!

Activities & Portraits


If you have guests present then we will likely be taking group shots at some point, I usually recommend before or after the ceremony when everyone is already all together.
  • You'll receive a questionnaire before the wedding with a super simple checklist of combinations you want and option to add customs combos.
  • These photos are a mix of organic moments with your people and the more 'traditional' posed shots, but I make it fun!
  • I work pretty quick so that everyone can go back to talking and enjoying time together for more candids.

Group Photos


Whether you're doing a full ceremony or a commitment ceremony(same ceremony concept just not with legalities), you can customize it to be however you want.
  • If you have guests we'll talk about how you want them to stand or sit during it all.
  • We'll talk about if you want to walk down the aisle together or individually.
  • You can do a unity ceremony(plant a tree or plant, make a PB&J, get a tattoo, hand tying, light a candle, etc!).
  • During the ceremony I focus on getting all the best shots I can without causing distractions.



If you opt to have a first look(a moment before the ceremony where you see each other in private vs. the 'aisle' first look) then this is usually shortly after you're both done getting ready and before the rest of the day unfolds.
  • If you're getting married with guests present then this is a great way to have a private moment before the ceremony.
  • It's also a good option if your adventure the day of isn't starting with the ceremony
  • You can read private vows, go on a walk, or anything else and just sit in this excitement together.
  • We'll also get some sweet portraits during this time.

First Look





Before your special day I'm your elopement co-creator!
  • You'll get a jam-packed elopement guide to plan your day A-Z.
  • Questionnaires to help plan the day and get prepared.
  • You also have access to me and my elopement expertise.
  • I'll answer any of your questions and do my best to make the process as seamless and easy as possible.
  • I'm just as excited to make your dream day come true as you are!

Getting Ready


This portion of the day can look however you want it to look and you can do whatever you want! Want to get ready together? Let's go! Want the surprise of a first look? Perfect! You can snuggle up on the couch and drink coffee, go on a walk, take a bubble bath, play some video games, anything!

My goals during getting ready:
  • Arrive early to get situated and geared up.
  • Meet any of your people(if any) that you have present and get a for the group so I'm not a stranger with a camera.
  • Document the organic moments that unfold as well as directing to good light, angles, etc. as needed.
  • Photograph the location and spaces that are of importance.
  • Photograph your details like attire, accessories, flowers, etc.
  • Photograph each of you getting ready(whether together or separate).

HIKING or ADVENTURING SOMEWHERE and want to wear hiking clothes and get ready on site? No worries! I have a pop up changing tent if needed!

learn about albums & prints

The next best thing to actually experiencing your elopement day first hand, is being able to flip through a photo album that you can hold in your hands and cherish for generations.

I'm here to help you bring your photos back to life and into your hands and home in the form of albums, canvases, metal prints, frames and more, so you can reminisce on the memories daily and share them with friends and family. 

Memories that leave a legacy

Khristin & Nai

"to make your dreams come true when you book her. She has a true God given talent when it comes to making photos give you all the same feelings you had when they were taken. She has fantastic communication and will help with any questions you have. You will not regret having her photograph your special day. She also will travel! Which I was extremely happy with since our wedding was in Phoenix, AZ."

"Donna will go above and beyond..."

Phoenix, AZ

Michelle & Bronson

“She is pure talent and so easy to work with...She has this energetic abundance about her that keeps everyone motivated all night long and engages in your photoshoot one-hundred percent.”

"Engages in your photoshoot 100%"

Raven Glacier Lodge
Girdwood, Alaska

Samantha & Josh

“When I first inquired about having her photograph our intimate wedding, I knew she was the person for us... [She was] very down to earth and willing to help us find the best places, since we had never been to Alaska before and didn't have much planned. The day of she made us feel very comfortable, and guided us to get the perfect photos”

"I knew she was the person for us"

Homer, Alaska

A peek into a 'just us' hiking elopement experience in Portage Pass, Alaska

Drop me a quick line...

From the moment you book until the big day, I'm your elopement side kick! You'll immediately get access to my exclusive guide, vendor list, and so much more! Then from then on you have my right by your side for anything and everything.


Booking is a breeze and all online for easy signing and payment. After signing your retainer is due.
For elopements that's a $1500 or $3000(Done With You)  retainer and for adventure sessions it's 50% of the package.


Connection is really important to this process!
From your inquiry we'll schedule a consultation (virtual or in person!) to go over what your priorities are, your vision, what kind of activities you'd like to incorporate, and the coverage you'll need. 


Woohoo! You love what you see and can reach me through the contact form, and you'll hear from me in 3 business days(M-F 9-3).

I'll get back to you with my availability, answer your questions, and send galleries and other deets!

p.s. This is my happy dance when I get your email!!


What should I expect?

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