"Best photographer ever!! We had such a blast with Donna. She is down to earth and real one. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Donna for such a special moment"

YOU DID IT!! You chose to freaking ELOPE! I bet you're feeling on top of the world right now! You and your partner, your love, the things you like doing, the food you like eating, the places and people you love and everything in between.

I'm here to encourage you to seek an elopement experience that FEELS truly like you so that your photos will fully portray who you are as a couple. Don't be afraid to stray from the norm, march to the beat of your own drum and make your OWN day.

Curious about what that looks like? Let's connect so I can help you brainstorm all the possibilities! In the meantime, see what a peek into a wedding day with me looks like!

Here to guide you through an elopement day that feels like you

-Genesis & Cameron

"Donna was absolutely AMAZING to work with ❤️  our photos turned out incredible and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of donna. she is so much fun and really loves what she does!"

-Emily H.

I'm here to help you every step of the way with resources, recommendations, and to answer any and all questions you have during this process. I've photographed hundreds of events and know the ins and outs of it all. I am here to help 100% of the way! Ask me anything and everything you are questioning, chances are, I know the answer, and if I don't, by golly I'll help you find it!

Elopement guide

“But Donna, what if we’re awkward?!”
Don't worry, I’ve gotchu!
 You're probably thinking, "holy moly, I'm awkward" or "what will I do with my hands?", am I right?! Well, no worries! When we shoot together I'll be using interactive prompts and activities to guide you through such a fun photo session that you won't have time to feel awkward! From your questionnaire that I'll be sending your way I will curate a list of prompts that I think will best suit you both to encourage all the best candids.


Okay, let's be real, spending thousands of dollars on an experience to just let photos live on your computer makes NO sense. I'm here to help you figure out how to get these beauties into albums, printed as gifts, hung on your walls and living in your home around you. Physical memories to hold and touch are SO important.

Lifelong memories

"So what are you all about?"

But most importantly I'm All about you!!

More than anything at all, my desire is for you to have the most epic day with the most epic photos to prove it. I'm here to celebrate all the little moments right along side you! I'm here to keep an eye out on your makeup (no raccoon eyes here!), to help coordinate and prep for the best photos possible, to be a positive attitude when things aren't working quite to plan, and to always be your cheer leader! I want YOU to be fully enjoying yourself and being yourself while in front of my camera, and there is a lot more that goes into that than just simply taking a photo. I've gotchu!!


First off, I'm going to preface this with the fact that every single elopement and intimate wedding day is different, just like the couples planning them, so what I lay out below will look different for each day depending on what's being planned. My priorities during each portion will still be the same so you can count on me! Also, your wedding day deserves to be photographed from start to finish, don't think of it as a X amount of hours photoshoot, because it's about so much more than just the photos I'll be taking, it's about the full experience and documenting that in and of itself. All you need to be worried about is having the best time ever and I'll be there to photograph all the good memories!

Flip through the slides below to get a taste of what a day with me looks like!

1. Getting Ready

If you're not getting ready together then we'll transition to the first look or ceremony after the getting ready portion. During your First look, I want to make sure you get your alone time from anyone that might be present-If you need me to be the bad guy and advocate for some privacy, I've gotchu! This is not only when you see each other for the first time, but also when you’ll get some quality time alone together before the rest of the day unrolls. You can read private vows, go on a walk, or anything else and just sit in this excitement together. We'll also get some great photos of the two of you during this time.

2. first look

On your elopement day I’ll plan to be a bit early to make sure I can get familiar with the location, and, most importantly, get a chance to chat with you beforehand and meet anyone else that is present! I'll jump into photographing the getting ready portion of the day and photograph the last bits of hair and makeup, details and anything else important during this time. PRO TIP: You can get ready together if you want, there are no rules here!

3. ceremony

During the ceremony, the focus is 100% on you and I will not take away from that. My goal is to be as discreet as possible, to not distract you or any guests, while still photographing every prominent moment and angle!

4. group photos

On your elopement day I’ll plan to be a bit early to make sure I can get familiar with the location, and, most importantly, get a chance to chat with you beforehand and meet anyone else that is present! I'll jump into photographing the getting ready portion of the day and photograph the last bits of hair and makeup, details and anything else important during this time. PRO TIP: You can get ready together if you want, there are no rules here!

5. experience/portraits

Depending on what you choose for your after ceremony experience, this will be a fun time! Whether we're traveling for more portraits and going on an adventure, or winding down with a private dinner or a small reception this is where all the candids unfold throughout the rest of the day where you can just enjoy your time together and I'll be along for the ride to get all the memories! I'll use a combination of fun prompts and poses during your portraits to ensure it's a good time and that your photos are authentic to you!

6. delivery

As soon as I get home the backup and editing process begins! I’ll edit a handful of sneak peeks to deliver within 48 hours after your special day so you can make an official announcement with a stellar photo from your day if you desire! The rest of the gallery ranges in delivery time up to 3 month(varies season to season). I’ll always keep you updated on the process!

A peek into a 'just us' hiking elopement experience in Portage Pass, Alaska

From the moment you book until the big day, I’m right there by your side. Consider me your elopement secret weapon! You’ll get all my Guides, Resources, and Tips throughout our time working together. I'll also send you a few questionnaires to get more intel from you and your honey!


Booking is a breeze, easily done online through my client software.  You'll both sign on the dotted line, pay your booking retainer.

For elopements that's a $1000 retainer(not the total) and for adventure sessions it's 50% of the package.

Once that's set, I'm all  yours!! (kudos if you get the references in this one haha!)


From there we'll schedule a consultation to meet and go over what your priorities are, your vision, what kind of activities you'd like to incorporate, and the coverage you'll need. We can hop on a phone call, FaceTime, or meet up in person if you're local!


EEEP! You're loving what you're reading and want to explore the possibility of working together?! I'm STOKED!

Contact me through my contact form, and you'll hear from me in 6 business days(M-F 9-3).

I'll let you know if I'm available, answer your questions, and send galleries and other deets!

p.s. This is my happy dance when I get your email!!


How does this all work?

Khristin & Nai

"to make your dreams come true when you book her. She has a true God given talent when it comes to making photos give you all the same feelings you had when they were taken. She has fantastic communication and will help with any questions you have. You will not regret having her photograph your special day. She also will travel! Which I was extremely happy with since our wedding was in Phoenix, AZ."

"Donna will go above and beyond..."

Phoenix, AZ

Michelle & Bronson

“She is pure talent and so easy to work with...She has this energetic abundance about her that keeps everyone motivated all night long and engages in your photoshoot one-hundred percent.”

"Engages in your photoshoot 100%"

Raven Glacier Lodge
Girdwood, Alaska

Samantha & Josh

“When I first inquired about having her photograph our intimate wedding, I knew she was the person for us... [She was] very down to earth and willing to help us find the best places, since we had never been to Alaska before and didn't have much planned. The day of she made us feel very comfortable, and guided us to get the perfect photos”

"I knew she was the person for us"

Homer, Alaska

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