“...it’s the most incredible feeling knowing that someone is there with you to capture some of life's most cherished moments...” 

Remember that old family photo box full of memorabilia, old 4x6 albums, polaroids and ALL the memories and wedding photos? My family box is one of my favorite things to pull out when I visit my parents! It’s so exciting to flip through a part of the past and relive the memories that you may or may not have even been around for!

Sadly, my parents only had a handful of photos from their wedding day. I so wish there were more to look back on. With this in mind, I believe it is not only important to have a photographer on your wedding day, but to have one that can offer you options and timeliness ways to display your photos from this special day, be that in wall art or albums, your memories should live on.

Wedding photos that will last a lifetime

-Valerie & Eric

"She survived and captured, perfectly, our wild shenanigans all day/night. Donna heard our ideas, and actually listened. I can’t say enough about how thankful I am we went with her."

-Kelcy & Lane

Worried you don't have your ish together?

It's okay! I do and I'm 100% here to help every step of the way! You'll have all the resources you need from questionnaires and lists to guides. We'll build a timeline together that makes sense for your adventure and have you totally prepared for the big day!

organized as heck

“But Donna, what if we’re awkward?!”
Don't worry, I’ve gotchu!
 You're probably thinking, "holy moly, I'm awkward" or "what will I do with my hands?", am I right?! Well, no worries! When we shoot together I'll be reading your personalities and using interactive prompts and activities to guide you through such a fun photo session that you won't have time to feel awkward!


There are so many pieces that make up the whole, and it’s likely you won’t witness some of the little moments and interactions within that. With me by your side, you can rest easy knowing you have a photographer who truly cares and eliminate that worry of ‘missing’ something so you can flip through an album and relive every single moment of the day.

Real moments

"So what are you all about?"

As soon as I get home the backup and editing process begins! I’ll edit a handful of sneak peeks to deliver within 24 hours after your wedding so you can make an official wedding announcement with a stellar photo from your day as opposed to a grainy cell phone shot from the back row! The rest of the gallery ranges in delivery time between 1-3 months depending on if it is peak season (May-August) or not. I’ll always keep you updated on the process!



Let’s get the party started! This is where all the candids unfold throughout the night. Tears during toasts, tight hugs after dances, the laughter during the cake cutting and on into the open dance floor for the rest of the shenanigans! I’ll use a mixture of available/natural light and flash. 30-40 minutes before coverage ends I’ll be sure to get with you and make sure we got every photo your heart was set on!



During the ceremony, the focus is 100% on you and I will not take away from that. My goal is to be as discreet as possible, to not distract you or your guests, while still photographing every prominent moment and angle, not only of the two of you, but of your families watching on with love on their faces!



After the wedding party, we’ll transition into family photos. I’ll be working from a family photo list to ensure that we get all of the combinations with all your favorite people and taking time here and there to add in fun prompts! This process generally starts from larger groups to smaller groups so that everyone can go sit and relax before the ceremony!



During your First look, I want to make sure you get your alone time from everyone else. This is not only when you see each other for the first time, but also when you’ll get some quality time alone together before the craze. After, we'll jump into the wedding party, I’ll snipe hair ties and sunglasses, make sure ties are adjusted and everyone’s looking fine, all while cracking jokes, prompting fun interactions, and encouraging all the shenanigans!

First Look & Wedding party


On your wedding day I’ll always be early to make sure I can get familiar with the layout, and, most importantly, get to know your VIPs! I’ll scout out the best spots for photos and then jump into photographing the getting ready portion of the day. I’ll be unobtrusive, but approachable. Always ready to lend a helping hand and guide and coax when needed.

Getting Ready



Morgan & Hudson

“...we are all in LOVE with every single moment she captured from our special day! Every image was unique and MORE than we could’ve wished for! Her positive and adventurous personality, reliable communication and easy going attitude made working with her such a stress-free experience. We will definitely be booking a follow up session on our next visit to AK!

"MORE than we could've wished for"

Girdwood, Alaska

Michelle & Bronson

“She is pure talent and so easy to work with...She has this energetic abundance about her that keeps everyone motivated all night long and engages in your photoshoot one-hundred percent.”

"Engages in your photoshoot 100%"

Raven Glacier Lodge
Girdwood, Alaska

Samantha & Josh

“When I first inquired about having her photograph our intimate wedding, I knew she was the person for us... [She was] very down to earth and willing to help us find the best places, since we had never been to Alaska before and didn't have much planned. The day of she made us feel very comfortable, and guided us to get the perfect photos”

"I knew she was the person for us"

Homer, Alaska

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