Elopement days are just as important as wedding days, if not more so because they are FULLY about you and your partner. You aren't 'just eloping' you're choosing a day that is built around just the two of you and maybe some of your closest friends and family. How cool is that? You can do anything and everything that would make it the best day ever and that deserves more than just a couple hours of documentation. We can hike, fly, go on any adventure you set your mind to and tell the full story of the day, whether it's just the two of you or you and a group of your fave peeps! From cooking breakfast in the morning to watching your first sunset as a married couple... your day can be documented to the fullest!

Why should I book 8+ hours if I'm just eloping?


If you're feeling under the weather, or the literal weather is not cooperating, I often will try to adjust things for you with little to know extra cost. If there is a need to cancel indefinitely your retainer is non-refundable. If you're rescheduling for a long ways out then a new retainer is needed to book the new date.

What are your cancellation/
rescheduling policies?


I'm suuuper confident in my abilities to photograph an elopement solo, I'm stealthy and able to be discrete and get all the angles. While that is the case, I can't be two places at once, if we're working with a shorter timeframe and everyone is getting ready at separate distant locations, I do recommend adding a second shooter. 

Do you work with a second shooter?


Only for returning clients, if I've photographed you in any capacity before, you betcha I've got space for you!

Do you photograph families?


At this time I specialize in couples and elopement photography, and intimate weddings under 20 guests. if you're a couple I've worked with in the past I often take a handful of larger weddings for couples I'm familiar with.

Do you photograph large weddings?


Of course! With hour+ sessions there's plenty of time to change outfits and get a different look in there. I can bring a changing tent with me as well since car changing is so uncomfortable!

Can we bring outfit changes?


Elopement packages include driving travel a 200 mile radius. If any trips involve  overnight stays or flights then I will calculate expenses and travel time and include them in the quote when we talk about budget and packages as well as calculate per-diem for that particular area I'd be traveling to, to cover meals and other expenses. 

Are there travel fees?


Not at all! I deliver all the best photos edited in an online gallery! There might even be some good bloopers and GIF series in there! Just depends on the session! You can download them and share freely. Also, no watermarks!

Do I have to pay extra for digitals?


For  elopements, images are delivered within three months after the event during peak season (July-August), during slower months (September-May) it can be as fast as one month depending on my work load. My goal is to get them to you as fast as I can while still dedicating the proper amount of care and time so they're perfect! For portrait sessions, images are delivered within four weeks during peak season or as fast as two weeks during slower months.

How soon do we get the photos?


100% yes! If you're taking your celebration out of state or out of country, I'm in! My passport is updated and I'm travel savvy. Plus if you're getting married in a Spanish speaking country, I'm fluent in Spanish (half-Colombian here!) so that's a perk! 

Are you willing to travel with us to a destination?


I 100% believe in investing in quality products for your photos and professional labs know what's up. If you're looking for quality ways to show off your photos, I'm a perfectionist, I've got you covered! When you print professionally you are not only investing in memories, but in high quality, beautiful pieces of art. Let's be real, Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, and other mass production shops don't print the same quality materials as are provided through professional printing. I can't guarantee the quality of images printed at consumer labs due to the misrepresentation of the work in color and quality.

Do you offer prints and albums?


It can range between 200-800 for elopements depending on the adventures we go on. 40-200 for portraits. The amount of time you have me at your session or elopement will be the determining factor in the final number. Photos that don't make the cut, i.e. blinking, unflattering pose or angle, bad lighting, etc. are deleted so you only get the best of the best (and bloopers if that's something you dig ;)).

How many images are included in the packages?


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