This is always such a hard question to answer. My job while I'm at your wedding is to 100% be focused on you and getting the best shots possible, since that's what you're paying me for. That's incredibly hard to do with someone else I have to work around that isn't someone I specifically hired. During the ceremony and formals especially I prefer to be the only photographer. During the reception is definitely more relaxed since everyone will likely be taking photos on their phones and cameras! I don't want to sacrifice the quality of your photos!

I have a friend/family member that is a photographer, can they shoot too?


In these craaaaazy times, I'm waiving rescheduling fees so long as we can find a date that is mutually available. I'm highly encouraging rescheduling over canceling, especially because the initial non-refundable retainer can easily be transferred to use for another date(big or small wedding), another travel date, or used for a different type of session. I'll extend session credit out as far as a year if needed! A lot of dates are growing limited so if this is something you're worried about, please reach out soon!

What are your cancellation/
rescheduling policies in relation to COVID-19?


I'm suuuper confident in my abilities to photograph a wedding solo, I'm stealthy and able to be discrete and get all the angles. While that is the case, I can't be two places at once, if we're working with a shorter timeframe and everyone is getting ready at separate distant locations, I do recommend adding a second shooter. 

Do you work with a second shooter?


So there are two releases that often get confused: print releases and copyright releases. All of the photos I take, business or personal are under my copyright, but I give you a print release so that you're 100% able to share and print the images for personal use.

Do I get copyrights to the photos?


I don't deliver unfinished work. All of my art and imagery is an extension of my creativity and my business. All images that are delivered to clients are always fully edited in a style consistent with my portfolio!

Can we get the RAW/Unedited files?


Of course! With hour+ sessions there's plenty of time to change outfits and get a different look in there. I'll most likely have a changing tent with me as well since car changing is so uncomfortable!

Can we bring outfit changes?


Wedding packages include driving travel within Talkeetna & Cooper Landing. If any trips involve  overnight stays or flights then I will calculate expenses and travel time and include them in the quote when we talk about budget and packages. 

Are there travel fees?


Not at all! I deliver all the best photos edited in an online gallery! There might even be some good bloopers and GIF series in there! Just depends on the session! You can download them and share freely. Also, no watermarks!

Do I have to pay extra for digitals?


For weddings and elopements, images are delivered within two months after the wedding during peak season (July-August), during slower months (September-May) it can be as fast as three weeks depending on my work load. My goal is to get them to you as fast as I can while still dedicating the proper amount of care and time so they're perfect! For portrait sessions, images are delivered within three weeks during peak season or as fast as a week during slower months.

How soon do we get the photos?


100% yes! If you're taking your celebration out of state or out of country, I'm in! My passport is updated and I'm travel savvy. Plus if you're getting married in a Spanish speaking country, I'm fluent in Spanish (half-Colombian here!) so that's a perk! 

Are you willing to travel with us to a destination?


I 100% believe in investing in quality products for your photos and professional labs know what's up. If you're looking for quality ways to show off your photos, I'm a perfectionist, I've got you covered! When you print professionally you are not only investing in memories, but in high quality, beautiful pieces of art. Let's be real, Walmart, Walgreens, Costco, and other mass production shops don't print the same quality materials as are provided through professional printing. I can't guarantee the quality of images printed at consumer labs due to the misrepresentation of the work in color and quality.

Do you offer prints and albums?


It can range between 200-600 for elopements, 350-850 for weddings and 40-200 for portraits. The amount of time you have me at your session or wedding shooting will be the determining factor in the final number. Photos that don't make the cut, i.e. blinking, unflattering pose or angle, bad lighting, etc. are deleted so you only get the best of the best (and bloopers if that's something you dig ;)).

How many images are included in the packages?


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