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 Engagement Photos in Alaska

I may be a little biased, but Alaska is probably one of the most gorgeous places for engagement photos. Photoshoots take place every day in places around the state, and the variety is endless! You’re probably engaged and starting to draw out what these next few months will look like in the planning process. Guest lists, save the dates, colors, vendors, engagement photos, all these things are swirling in your head and the last thing on your mind is where exactly you will take your engagement photos, right?

Well, I’m going to elaborate a bit more on the ‘locations’ section of my blog post on How to Plan the Best Engagement Session right here, right now! This state provides an endless array of scenery and backdrops and I’m SO excited to show you the best places for your engagement photos in Alaska. Whether you are in-state, or out of state I guarantee there are some locations on here you haven’t heard of before!

1. North Fork, Eagle River

Couple posed looking into the distance while she lifts the corner of her dress against the mountains of North Fork Eagle River

By far my favorite place to explore in Eagle River. This little hiking trail area on the river is so beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains, spruce trees for daaaays and is just all-around a gorgeous place.

2. Flattop

Couple walking and smiling during tall grass during their Engagement session in Alaska

Flattop/Glen Alps area is one of my favorite places to explore no matter what time of year. In the summer and fall, it’s a vast area of beautiful foliage and mountainscapes. In the winter the snow-capped mountains and cool tones are also gorgeous. Catching sunset up here is a perfect time for a romantic look!

3. Point Woronzof

Alaska Engagement Photos, couple hugging under an airplane as it flies over in the winter

If the wanderlust in you is strong and you love the call of the ocean and watching planes take off, then good golly this location is for you! This park is at the end of the airstrip in Anchorage and the planes take off almost constantly and make for such a unique element in your engagement photos. The graffiti on the tower by the water is a very urban and fun contrast to the rocky ocean beach landscape.

4. Russian Jack Springs Park

Couple dip kissing in fancy outfits in the snow and winter light at Russian Jack Springs Park

This park is a nice little area with birch and spruce trees and lawn with lots of areas to shoot. My favorite part of the park, however, is the greenhouse, Mann Leiser Greenhouse. It is right on the property and filled to the brim with tropical plants and foliage and just makes my heart happy. It is also a nice escape from the chilly weather during wintertime. The area also looks magical around sunset when the sun is shining just right.

5. Kincaid Sand Dunes

Couple walking along Kincaid Sand Dunes in Alaska during their engagement photos

THIS PLACE. You guys. If you’ve ever wanted to look like you’re in the desert in Alaska, then this is an amazing location for your engagement photos. It’s a large hill area right on the coast with rolling ‘sand dunes’ for lack of better words. Catching sunset out here is magical. Be warned, it is COLD in the evenings depending on the time of year.

6. Downtown Anchorage Engagement Photos

Couple kissing during wintery downtown Anchorage Alaska Engagement Photos

The city is full of interesting places to explore and makes for a great engagement photo location. We can venture inside a coffee shop or bar area, sip some drinks, or we can wander the sidewalks to find cool walls or graffiti. Want to do both? You got it!

7. Barbara Falls

Couple dressed up and kissing in front of Barbara Falls during their Engagement Photos in Alaska

Okay, this is a close second to Eagle River. The waterfall itself is SO epic, and there are trails nearby that are perfect for photos, but the falls are definitely the focal point. Space is a bit limited around the base which is the only downside, but this strong flowing water is MAJESTIC! It is so awesome to witness.

8. Eklutna Lake

Couple kissing at the end of a rainbow at Eklutna Lake Alaska during their Engagement photos

This area in the summer is always a popular location for everyone and anyone. It is comprised of crystalline beautiful water and surrounded by mountains. It is like being in the wilderness but right off of a paved road. Super easy access in the summer, in the winter the road isn’t maintained but with good four-wheel drive it is worth it to make the winter drive for the unique scenery!

9. Knik River Engagement Photos in Alaska

Couple laughing and snuggling while walking along Knik River Bed in Alaska during their engagement photosThe Knik River is LOADED with amazing areas to explore and get epic quintessential ‘Alaska Photos’. If you want mountains, rivers, and the full-on adventure look, then this is it! This is the place you’re looking for!

10. McHugh Creek

Couple piggy backing at McHugh creek during Alaska Engagement Photos

This little hiking spot is actually full of nice little places to photograph despite how small it may actually seem. From the nice little waterfall to the bridge and easy access overlook cliffs, it’s a very easy access et adventurous spot.

11. Eklutna Tailrace

Couple sitting in the snow together at Eklutna Tailrace, Alaska

*Not to be confused with Eklutna Lake!*This is in the same area as the Knik River but deserved to be its own thing because it’s so gorgeous. The most unique part of this area is the crazy blue water that is SUCH a gorgeous backdrop.

12. Girdwood

Couple kissing with a smoke bomb during their Girdwood Alaska Engagement Photos

Girdwood is a quaint skiing town with a gorgeous mountainscape and lush green forests for miles. It’s truly one of my favorite places to explore. Winner creek trail is beautiful, as is Alyeska, Virgin Creek falls, along the river bed and of course, moose meadow!

13. Portage/Whittier

Portage engagement photos, couple hiking along ridge above Whittier, Alaska

While it may not be as easy access as other areas, due to the tunnel, it is a phenomenal destination for your Alaska engagement photos! There are places down and around town, or if you are interested in hiking then I recommend heading up the Portage Trail, it’s a steepish hike about 30-45 minutes to the point that looks out over Whittier. It’s breathtaking for sure.

14. Matanuska Glacier

An engaged couple piggy backing at Matanuska Glacier during engagement session in Alaska

I. Love. Glaciers. For real. Whether you’re hiking out or flying in, Matanuska Glacier is a wonderful destination! If you want to drive and hike, it’s just a couple hours outside of Anchorage, so not bad. Tours are $150 a person, or $50 if you are an Alaska resident. If this is a location you are interested in for a session just let me know and I can work on getting things set up and find out final prices, etc. You can also find more information on their website, here.

15. Hatcher Pass

Couple kissing in the fireweed up Hatcher Pass during their Engagement photos in Alaska

Okay, the only reason I’m listing this iconic location is just in case some out of state lovelies aren’t aware of this GORGEOUS spot. This is by far one of the mooooost popular areas in the Matanuska Valley for hikers, photographers, and just tourists in general.

16. Bird Point & Beluga Point

Couple sitting on rock formation by the water at Beluga Point during engagement photos in Alaska Bride and Groom doing a piggy back ride at Bird Point, Alaska

These locations are often confused for each other, one is in the Bird Creek area and the other is near McHugh Creek. Bird Point is a pretty spectacular place to take photos. It is right on the Turnagain Arm and surrounded by ocean and mountainscapes. The rock formations are perfect for doing a little climbing and getting up to different vantage points and areas to photograph. Beluga Point is quite a tourist attraction. On any given day (if the weather is nice) you are likely to see several cars around and many people taking photos and sightseeing. These locations involve a train track crossing and I recommend using EXTREME caution, and will not ever photograph anyone standing on these tracks. Trains come fast and are quiet despite what you might think. Please, PLEASE be careful.

17. Reflections Lake

Couple at Reflections lake smiling at each other while standing side by side and she is holding his arm

There is not an easier location that Reflections Lake to access for beautiful photos. It is right off the highway between Chugiak and Palmer and has mountains, water, and forest. It’s generally popular in the summer for hikers and people walking their dogs, and also very popular for photoshoots.

18. Juneau

Couple holding hands and looking at each other in front of Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls in Juneau during Engagement photos in Alaska

This is a bit more distant destination for your engagement photos in Alaska, but boy oh boy does it lend itself to be a gorgeous spot for them. The entire city is picturesque from its old building in some areas of the town, Mendenhall Lake which is quite common, the surrounding lush forests and the ocean/beach access. It’s quite the sight to see and definitely a good stop if you’re wanting to get out of the mainland areas.

Bonus Places for Engagement Photos in Alaska:

Talkeetna, Denali National Park, Seward, Turnagain Pass, Eureka, Byron Glacier, etc.

In your own home,  where the proposal happened, where you went on your first date, coffeeshops or cute restaurants or airbnb’s or studios around town that are available for photoshoots!

PS. In-home sessions are ADORABLE!

Snuggly in home engagement session with coffee

Find your own adventure spot!! Fly or drive out to somewhere hardly or possibly no one has been before and create a location 100% unique and special to you. Make even more of an experience out of your session day by turning it into a full adventure!

Psssst. Let me tell you a secret, some of the best locations for engagement photos in Alaska aren’t ones that are popular or common knowledge. Some of the best places for engagement photos are ones you stumble across yourself and are a bit more ‘secret’. As a result, I have a few locations tucked away in my camera bag for those couples that want something totally out of the box.

My Jeep and Husband are some of my secret tools for accessing these locations that are not common knowledge. Some locations may be seasonal and highly dependent on weather and may also be further out of town. Areas outside of nearby towns may have travel fees and other expenses depending on how elaborate the trip is. But if you’re down for an adventure, then let’s get to talking and planning because I’m IN! Shoot me a message here! I’d absolutely love to take your engagement photos in Alaska!

The Best Places for Engagement Photos in Alaska | Donna Marie Photography | Alaska Wedding Photographer

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Couple holding hands and looking at each other in front of Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls in Juneau during Engagement photos in Alaska


The Best Places for Engagement Photos in Alaska

  1. Alaska looks amazing! Can I move there now? So many beautiful spots for engagement photos!

  2. Kathryn says:

    Wow! So many stunning locations to choose– now how to decide??? Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kat says:

    I haven’t been back to Alaska in 10 years, but now I want to go so bad! That plane photo and the rainbow photo are so beautiful!

  4. Flora says:

    Alaska looks so dreamy! This is a great guide even for people like me who want to visit and see beautiful scenery!

  5. Mimi says:

    I cant decide which number is my favorite!! All so good.

  6. maze says:

    Alaska has never been on my radar to visit but maybe it should be now!! So beautiful for engagement photos!

  7. Lucy says:

    Definitely filing this away for my (hopeful) future… 😀

  8. Wow!! Absolutely obsessed with the colours here!! These are amazing images in an amazing location! I was hoping to drive to Alaska this summer with my adventure doggo, if I make it up there I will definitely be reaching out!

    • Donna Smith says:

      Thank you so so much! And yes oh my goodness if you make it up here please do! We can go adventuring around!! 😀

  9. Alaska looks so amazing, I cant wait to go there some day.

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