Hey, I'm an elopement photographer based in Alaska! I love genuine moments between people and love that I get to document them for a living <3

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Ever since I started photography, I knew that mountains needed to be a part of my branding somehow, someway. Yes, I know that everyone and their mother have mountains in their logo. There there is a little more to my mountains than meets the eye though.

Mountains and Donna Marie Photography

Mountains have always been a symbol of adventure, especially in Alaska where mountains are in abundance. They hold promises of epic views, sore calves, and the shortness of breath brought by summer hikes. They are also a huge inspiration and the subject of many forms of art which never tire me.

Mountains mean more than just adventure to me though… Between living in Colombia, South America over the winters, and Alaska in the Summers I have been surrounded by mountains. In Colombia, I had the Cordilleras of the Andes mountains as far as my eyes could see. Then in Alaska, well, do I even have to explain it? We have mountains galore up here! Between Willow and Homer, and now Anchorage, I have had my fair share of mountain views.

Because of this, mountains have always been dear to me. This combined with my adventurous childhood of travel lead me to settle on a mountain design for my logo. My childhood was a little busy with all the moving back and forth, but it has inspired a great deal of my work and I wouldn’t have it any other way! As they say, you can take the girl out of the mountains, but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl!

Mount Hunter

Me: Let me explain a little more about this specific mountain range! (mountains are also a little basic nowadays and I really like telling this story to give it a little more meaning haha!) If you’ve seen the memes this will make sense, if not, then I don’t know what to say…

So you see… There’s this guy… and his name is Hunter. In 2014 we tied the knot at the young ages of 18 and 19, and honestly, it has been the best adventure I’ve been on yet!

Without this supportive husband of mine, I would not have been able to as easily transition from the “employee life” to running my own business. At a year and a half of marriage, I quit my job and dove in headfirst into the small business life. He has been steadfast and solid ever since. Do you know what else is steadfast? Mountains! Ahah! Bet you didn’t see that one coming! Anyways, there is a mountain in Denali National Park, “Mount Hunter” or “Begguya” (you can probably see where this is going if you know me or follow me on socials). As soon as that was on my radar I was sold on the idea.

My first official logo several years back was this one. Donna Marie Photography 1.0

Donna Marie Photography logo

Every time I look at it I remember all the times Hunter has encouraged me to keep going and been stable when I was a whirlwind of emotions and chaos. So, this isn’t just any mountain, it is Mount Hunter, and that to me means a whole heck of a lot!

A huge shoutout to Alyssa Culver with The Right Brain Business who designed this beautiful logo for me! It still holds so much meaning and love with it and I still have merch with it and a neon sign hanging above my desk <3

Of course, people and businesses grow and change and that was no different for me. When I first officially started my business I was a jill-of-all-trades. Obviously, over time my style evolved and changed. I found myself more inspired by nature’s colors and mood. I felt more in tune with what I truly wanted to focus and invest time in.

Businesses are kind of like mountains, except in a neverending you don’t reach the top, kind of way. There is always a new goal to reach or another ledge or peak to climb to. Once you reach that you keep moving up and reaching other goals (or peaks). The never-ending part is that I don’t want to just reach the summit and say “Okay, I’m done.” There isn’t a summit! I will ALWAYS strive to build and grow, and learn and improve my business. I don’t want to reach the very very top and have no more mountain to climb.

Donna Marie Photography 2.0

Enter, Donna Marie Photography’s logo 2.0. Huge thank you to Nicolás Crespo for taking all of my jumbled thoughts and turning them into a stunning set of visuals. They truly embody how far this little biz has come. Nicolas is a Colombian illustrator, which, me being half Colombian, I thought that was the coolest similarity and took it as a sign that it was meant to be, since Colombia is a huge part of my story, and half of who I am(thanks Mom <3)

There are three variations of the main ‘logo’ which you can see two pictured in this main blog and then the other is in the graphic below. They are all different angles of Mount Hunter!

With Hunter and I’s story being such a bit part of my business in general, I’m so inspired by love. Seeing couples happy, see them work through trials, overcome obstacles and live their adventures together is literally my FAVORITE thing! Being married to my best friend brings me so much joy, and I love to see that for other people. Being a part of that journey with them is the BEST! Hence why I specialize in Elopement Photography, Intimate Wedding Photography, and Couples Photography (think couples sessions, engagements, anniversaries, and just-because-adventures).

Your love, your story, and all the things in your relationship should absolutely be celebrated with a photoshoot! So what are you waiting for?

So, that’s what Donna Marie Photography’s logo means to me. It’s not only a reminder of my amazing husband’s support but also of love and adventure. There’s your daily does of inspiration. Keep climbing that mountain, whatever it is, be it growing a business or something totally different. Don’t stop learning or growing!

Collection of white logos for Donna Marie Photography against a photo of a couple with their forehead togethers with a candlelit scene

If you’re loving what you’re reading and want to be a part of your own photoshoot adventure… I’d love to show you around Alaska and create some amazing memories with you! You can contact me here! Can’t wait to chat!

xoxo-Donna Marie Photography

Color variation of full Mount Hunter with Donna Marie Photography


Why Mountains?

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