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If you’ve spent any time looking at my website or Instagram, you KNOW I’m obsessed with adventure!! Whether it’s with my husband, our dog, my friends, or my couples, adventuring in the outdoors is such a huge part of my life here in Alaska. Due to living in Alaska, there are SO MANY incredible opportunities for unique adventurous experiences that I’ve barely even scratched the surface of. So today, I want to take you on a little tour of 8 unique adventure elopement ideas if you’re looking to elope in Alaska! Whether you’re looking for just a little fun or a bigger thrill, we’ve got plenty to offer in this beautiful state. Ready to start dreaming up your epic day?!

Adventure elopement ideas

1. Take a helicopter

Looking for an exhilarating way to travel to your ceremony spot?! Book a freaking helicopter ride for your elopement day!!

What better way is there to experience & witness all of Alaska’s beauty than from a bird’s-eye-view? Head up into the sky with your elopement attire, and land on a glacier to exchange vows. There is always somewhere in a beautiful, wide-open field that’s inaccessible by foot that you can go to too!

adventure elopement ideas

Two of my favorite helicopter companies in AK that offer elopement helicopter rides are Outbound Heli & Alaska Helicopter Tours! Both of these companies offer special wedding packages for couples looking to take a helicopter to their elopement site. Whether that means landing on Knik Glacier or flying into Hatcher Pass. 

Taking a helicopter to your ceremony location is TRULY an unforgettable way to celebrate! Check out Alejo & Mabel’s Alaska Glacier Wedding at Denali National Park! They wanted to get married on the tallest mountain possible so, they booked a helicopter to take them to an absolutely BREATHTAKING spot in Denali NP!

adventure elopement ideas

2. Ride on a seaplane

If you’d rather take a small plane than a helicopter for any reason, you can totally opt for that instead! Book through a seaplane company like AK Seaplane Adventures to take you on a tour of Glacier Bay National Park from the sky, to see the Tracy Arm Wilderness + Fjord, or to get to Sitka. There are sooo many amazing options!

Adventure elopement ideas

3. Elope on a glacier

A personal fave option of mine when it comes to eloping in Alaska: elope on a glacier!! How epic would it be to celebrate your marriage surrounded by one of the coolest, most amazing landscapes that Alaska has to offer?

I actually just published a whole blog post dedicated to How to Elope on a Glacier in Alaska. Definitely go check it out before you continue reading this! In it, I go through my favorite glacier locations for an elopement, how to stay safe on glaciers, & more!

Here’s an example of a recent glacier wedding I photographed; Nicky & Logan’s Beautiful Glacier Wedding at Majestic Valley Lodge. They tied the knot at Majestic Valley Lodge and then we headed off to Matanuska Glacier in a helicopter for some absolutely incredible glacier wedding photos!

4. Go skiing/snowboarding/snowmobiling

Who doesn’t come to Alaska to go skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling?! You can totally incorporate your favorite winter activity into your elopement day. Whether that be skiing down a beautiful mountain, snowboarding on fresh powder, or riding a snowmobile through the Alaskan wilderness. Make sure you pick a location that has a spot for your ceremony, as well as a spot nearby where you can go to get your winter thrills afterward! 

A way to make your elopement day extra fun? Find a super cozy Airbnb with a hot tub and a campfire! That way, after you go say your vows + go skiing/snowboarding/snowmobiling, you can head back to your warm Airbnb and soak in the hot tub together! What better way to end your elopement day than that?

5. Go dog sledding

I LOVE the idea of incorporating some quintessential Alaskan pastimes into your wedding day. If you’re looking for something extra unique, consider a dog sledding elopement!

I’ve personally gone dog sledding with Snowhook Adventures, a company that provides year-round dog sledding tours & adventures for anyone looking for a thrilling experience. My dog sledding experience was SO much fun. It would be soooo dreamy to photograph a couple experiencing something like that on their elopement day! 

6. Go offroading

Alaska has PLENTY of off road trails for you to take if you’re looking to go off the beaten path for your elopement! From dirt roads near Denali National Park to ATV trails, Trails Off Road has  tons of fun roads for you to consider if you’re looking for a fun driving adventure. Just make sure you have the proper vehicle for it! We want you to be safe and not have to worry about getting stuck or anything.

7. Go on a long hike

If you want to keep it simple and cheap but still challenge yourself with an adventure? Find a long hike to do! We can find a hike that appeals to your comfort, ability, & skill levels that takes us to an epic spot for you to say your vows. You won’t regret getting to watch a beautiful sunset on the evening of your elopement! Bring along your backpacks and let’s head into the mountains! Make sure you take into account the abilities of any guests that are coming along. If there’s a hike required to get to your ceremony location, they’ll have to complete it too.

I’ve got plentyyyy of hike recommendations at different locations around Alaska, so just ask me to help you find the perfect one for your elopement day!

8. Sleep under the stars

Last but DEFINITELY not least, opt to sleep under the stars instead of renting an Airbnb!! If you’re looking to experience the beauty & calm of the outdoors but aren’t necessarily looking for a thrill, bring along your camping gear and stay the night at a campground. End the day with drinks & s’mores around a campfire, taking in the day and being present with each other. Or if you have a Jeep, you can set up camp on top of your Jeep for the night just like Tori & lee did at their Hatcher Pass winter wedding!

I hope that by now you’re feeling STOKED to plan your adventurous elopement in Alaska, and are brimming with ideas + ways to make your day sooo unique to you! When the time comes to book your Alaska elopement photographer / adventure buddy, you know where to find me!


8 Unique Alaska Adventure Elopement Ideas

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