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Finding the perfect location is one of THE most important parts of planning a surprise proposal!! You want to go somewhere that will be beautiful, super memorable, and where your partner won’t get suspicious right away. If you live in Alaska or are visiting Alaska and decide you want to propose somewhere in this beautiful state, here are some of the best places for an Alaska proposal, plus tons of proposal inspiration!

1. On a glacier

Imagine traveling to Alaska, hopping on a helicopter to a gorgeous spot, and popping the question on a glacier?! 

Seriously, what better way to experience all of Alaska’s magic than on ancient ice, surrounded by one of the coolest natural sights this planet has to offer?

I highly recommend considering a glacier for your proposal if you’re looking for somewhere to go on an adventure, and have a truly one-of-a-kind proposal experience that you’ll never ever forget.

glacier landing alaska

Here’s an example: Rohith & Parthi have always loved adventuring together in the outdoors, so Rohith wanted that to be captured in his proposal to her. He reached out to me a couple weeks in advance and we created a whole plan to surprise her. It was their first time visiting Alaska and they wanted to go on as many adventures as possible, so it wasn’t suspicious when he suggested a helicopter ride!

I pretended to be a tour photographer just taking pictures of them on their excursion, and then while we were on the glacier, he popped the question! They celebrated, explored the snow, and got to witness Alaska’s beauty from a whole new perspective. What an incredible way to say yes to the love of your life! See their whole beautiful Alaska glacier proposal here!

And if you’re feeling inspired by glaciers + want to potentially elope on a glacier when the time comes, I’ve got a whole guide that tells you How to Elope on a Glacier in Alaska!

alaska proposal

2. Matanuska River

Matanuska River is one of the prettiest spots in Alaska! The river is connected to Matanuska Glacier, which is about 2.5 hours northeast of Anchorage. The glacier is also an incredible option for a proposal, since you can walk up to the glacier easily, or go on a full glacier hike & even go ice climbing!

alaska proposal

Zak reached out to me about his proposal during a super busy time, but when he told me that he & his then-girlfriend Cassia were visiting Alaska and he wanted to pop the question, I of course had to say yes!! Cassia definitely thought it was going to happen earlier on in their trip when they went on a glacier tour, but instead Zak popped the question at Matanuska River, under the falling snow with the cutest little setup!! This proposal seriously felt like it was right out of a rom-com, with the giant snowflakes and the blanket, candles, and flowers. Everything lined up so perfectly for it!

alaska proposal

3. Eklutna Lake

Eklutna Lake is another spot I love to visit with my couples, nestled in the Chugach Mountains and less than an hour drive from Anchorage. It’s one of the most beautiful places to explore, with tons of grassy area, wide open fields, and the lake + snow-capped mountain range in the back!

alaska proposal

Mitch & Allie’s proposal at Eklutna Lake was one of the freaking cutest proposals I’ve photographed to date. I was so stoked when Mitch reached out to me about proposing while he & his girlfriend Allie were in Alaska to visit! He told me all about their itinerary and asked what I thought as far as location went, and we ended up choosing Eklutna Lake.

We recruited @atouchofsaigeevents for some planning help, and the setup we dreamed ended up coming together sooo beautifully: Mitch took Allie to a little area by the lake that was decorated with a gorgeous charcuterie board, watermelon Sour Patch candies, chocolate-covered strawberries, beautiful plating, and more!! Talk about a SUCCESSFUL and dreamy proposal, I was so honored to witness & capture it.

alaska proposal

4. Hatcher Pass

I’ve photographed countless couples at Hatcher Pass and it never fails to amaze me! It’s located in the Talkeetna Mountains between Willow and Palmer, and is a super beautiful spot to explore + take a scenic drive through. You get gorgeous mountain views, grassy fields, adorable little cabins/buildings, and truly just endless spots to adventure around. 

alaska proposal

Jackee & Isai got engaged at Hatcher Pass right in the middle of winter, with snow literally surrounding them everywhere they looked!! I absolutely loved this proposal because it felt like we were in a fairytale, with nothing to see around us but fresh white powder. They brought along some loved ones to celebrate with, and overall it was such a dreamy day for these two to say YES to each other forever!

Check out this Intimate, Foggy Mountain Elopement at Hatcher Pass for more photos of this beautiful location!

5. Virgin Creek Falls

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more protected than the open mountains, check out Virgin Creek Falls! It’s a gorgeous waterfall near Girdwood that only requires a 0.5 mile, easy hike to get to. You’ll find the best weather at the falls between June and November, so it would be a perfect location for a summer or early fall proposal! 

You can take time to explore the forest, enjoy the short hike, and then pop the question right in front of the beautifully cascading falls, nestled in the lush green forest. Talk about a fairytale location, am I right?!

If you want to brave the trail in the winter, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to make it all the way to the falls depending on the snow & ice conditions – but the forest and falls look prettyyyyy dang cool in the snow. Bring your winter gear and explore the snow-covered trees and see if you can make it to the frozen waterfall, full of icicles and straight out of Narnia!

6. Under the northern lights

This one’s a no-brainer: if you’re visiting Alaska and you want to experience one of the coolest phenomena ever, try your best to propose under the northern lights! This option is a little riskier since you can’t guarantee you’ll see the northern lights exactly when you want to, so I’d recommend doing plenty of research ahead of time through sites like Travel Alaska, they’ve got a great article about viewing the northern lights. They recommend trying to see the northern lights between August and April, when there’s less daylight & darker skies, and they’ve got plenty of location reccs too. 

I’d suggest picking a clear day not just so you can have the highest likelihood of seeing the northern lights, but also that way if you don’t see the northern lights, you can still propose under the night sky filled with beautiful stars!

7. On a dog sledding tour

How FUN would it be to propose while you’re out in the Alaskan wilderness on a dog sledding tour?! 

Book a dog sledding tour through a company like Snowhook Adventures (who I’ve personally gone on a tour & had a great experience with), and let your guide know you’re planning to propose. Then find somewhere along the way where you can pop the question – creating such unforgettable memories!

8. At the top of a mountain

If you and your partner love to ski, you can propose at the top of a mountain/ski lift!!

Blake & Audri were visiting Alaska to get some skiing and adventuring in to celebrate eight years together, so Blake decided to propose to her at the top of the tram at Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. It was such a special way to do it since they love skiing together, and the views were EPIC with a bright blue sky shining through just at the perfect moment, and right in the middle of the Alaskan mountains. I always recommend finding some way to make your proposal unique & personal to you, just like Blake & Audri did!

9. On a snowmobile tour

Finally, if you’re looking for another adventurous option, book a snowmobile tour and propose during it! I think it would be so epic to go on a super fun snowmobile ride and surprise your partner somewhere along the way with the big question. You’d get to enjoy the experience together AND have a super unique proposal story to tell, with amazing memories that’ll last you forever!

The Ultimate Guide on How to Propose to Your Love

Now that you’ve got some ideas on where to propose in Alaska, you might be wondering how the heck to actually plan your proposal. Don’t worry, I got you – I have a whole article on How to Propose to Your Love that is full of proposal ideas, tips, and advice!

Meet Your Alaska Proposal Photographer

Finally, you will DEFINITELY want somebody there to capture the memories for you when you propose. I’d love to be your gal – I’ll help you craft the perfect scheme to surprise your partner, and we’ll make an epic adventure out of it. Reach out here & let’s start planning the big event!

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The Most Beautiful Locations for a Surprise Alaska Proposal

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