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What is a Micro Wedding?

“Micro Wedding” is a relatively new term/trend that became increasingly popular in 2020 due to the virus-that-shall-not-be-named. Additionally, it’s basically an alternate name for ‘intimate wedding’ and likely to be around for a long while!

For the longest time “Elopement” was an all encompassing term. From gatherings with just the couple and vendors, to small groups of friends and family. They usually include a ceremony, group and bride and groom photos and some celebratory champs and explorations.

Micro weddings are essentially a crossover between an elopement and a larger wedding as it meets somewhere in the middle. Therefore, you get the intimacy of an elopement and the same exciting events of a large wedding. They also usually include anywhere between 10-30 guests.

They are growing in popularity as more couples choose to have days that truly reflect their desires. Also not to mention they are a side effect of the pandemic and gatherings being limited world wide.

Replanning your large wedding to a micro wedding?

Planning a small celebration might not have been in your original plans and you might be a little lost. Did planning lose it’s sparkle? Are you feeling exhausted from changing your plans all too many times?

That’s okay! It’s okay to mourn the wedding you were planning, all the time and effort you put in. But remember, marrying your person is priority #1!

Even if a micro wedding wasn’t your first choice, there can still be excitement and happiness surrounding the process and easy ways to cut the stress.

Here are some steps you need to take as well as some upsides to think about!

Steps to take and upsides to consider for micro weddings

1. Downsizing your guest list means more one on one time with people you love

The Knot has a great blog on how to cut down your guest list

The gist of the matter is, who is most important in your life? Who will be a part of your future? Invite the people that make your heart happy and don’t let guilt coerce you into inviting anyone!

2. Talk to you vendors about alternate plans and see how you can make your day just as amazing

-You might be keeping the same date, or you might be rescheduling due to circumstances. Whatever the case, talk to your vendors about options.

-Talk to your photographer and videographers about how to reorganize coverage to accommodate a smaller gathering. You can still use your full timeline even if you might have a shorter reception! You can incorporate more activities or look into having an adventure session after the fact, if you want some elopement vibes.

-Talk to your planner about laying out tables and minimizing the amount of rentals you might need. Likewise, talk to your florist about maybe exchanging 20 center pieces for a grand floral arch. Also, just because you’re downsizing to a micro wedding doesn’t mean you’re downsizing your budget, make it grand if you want!

-Talk to catering about having fewer guests. Instead of a full downsize, consider a meal that wasn’t in budget 150+ guests but is now feasible for 15. Treat yo’self, it’s your wedding day!

3. More freedom to incorporate things you love

Does going on a hike on your wedding day for epic photos sound amazing? Do you want to play some good old fashioned board games or yard games? Have a sentimental location in mind that wouldn’t have worked with a larger crowd? Want to keep it low key and just pop champs and eat your fave desert? Do you want to have a selection of local brews? Want to have a private catered dinner with your closest friends and fam with toasts and first dances? Go for it!

4. Less stress than a big wedding

*queue big sigh of relief* Less people + awesome vendors + less logistics = less stress. Having a downsized wedding is way less stressful on you and that’s AMAZING! Even more so if you have vendors taking care of the logistics for you!

Release those wedding expectations

Finally, this blog is to release you of any wedding expectations you might be holding (either yours or from others). Breathe, sit back, and think of your dream wedding day with your favorite people, and do that! There are no limits and no expectations for what a wedding should or shouldn’t look like.

At the end of the day, marrying your best friend is the biggest win EVER!

Micro Wedding Inspiration

Looking to garner some specific ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

You can have your ceremony somewhere scenic and beautiful and then also have a table set up (weather allowing) right then and there for champagne and dessert or a fun appetizer selection or meals.

Have an intimate ceremony at an outdoor location, then choose a nice indoor location in a restaurant or a venue for a private catered group dinner. Might involve a little bit of traveling but worth it if you want the best of both worlds.

Take your guests on a trail ride or in a horse drawn carriage to a gorgeous spot for a picnic and ceremony!

Dog sled somewhere with cozy bevys and cozy foods to ice skate and have your ceremony!

Backyard weddings can be SO CUTE! Go all out decorating yours or a friends/family members yard and make a perfect little wedding oasis. Coffee and dessert bar, food trucks or catered lunches/dinners are all good ideas!

Hike with your guests up somewhere beautiful to celebrate with a ceremony and a mountainside picnic, did someone say mini charcuterie boards?! How adorable!

Find a local greenhouse that will let you rent it for a small event to set up a sweet little ceremony and dinner if weather is looking crummy!

You can even consider a brewery! Then after the fact you have beer and snacks right there, perfect combo!

ALSO!! If you’re in a more casual setting outdoors or in a backyard, you can include your pets! Vs traditional venues who don’t often allow pets. I think that’s a big win!

As previously mentioned, the sky is the limit!! I hope this helps relieve some micro wedding planning stress!

*Be sure to follow your states current mandates and guidelines if applicable. Limit your guest count to what is recommended and do what feels safe for you and your loved ones.*

Micro Wedding Vendors

First Image Set: A Touch of Saige Events, Celtic Ministries, Bloomsbury Blooms, Ema Rose Hair, Evergreen Esthetics, Pink Moose Cakes, Anderson’s Bride

Third Image Set: Beauty by Kate, Chance Droege, Wild Poppy, Alyeska Resort

Fourth Image Set: Top of The Hill Studio, Anderson’s Bride, Girdwood Brewing, Jack Sprat

Considering an elopement to Alaska versus a micro wedding? This blog post can get you started!

A couple dip kissing and laughing on mountaintop at Alyeska after elopement


Micro Weddings and What You Need To Know About Them

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