Best Date Night Ideas During Social Distancing

Well, life just changed fast and in a hurry due to the recent developments of the Coronavirus. But the silver lining to social distancing and time at home is all the newfound TIME you have! You also get a bunch of time with your honey. With the restaurants, bars, movie theatres and museums closing, you gotta get creative with your date night ideas and/or full-day plans. My husband still has to work for the time being so we get evenings together since I’ve been reworking my schedule around. I’m challenging myself to put a lot of time towards getting us into healthy routines and habits and also doing new things together and not falling into the same rut of watching Netflix every night. Nothing wrong with Netflix, but you might get bored, haha.

So here are 5 date night ideas that I highly recommend. They’re all super fun and don’t require anyone but you and your sweetie!

1.Build a Blanket Fort

I don’t care how old you are, this is guaranteed fun!! Channel your inner child and have some good old fashioned fun. Gather all the blankets and pillows in your house and set up shop wherever you have the most space! Make some popcorn, watch a movie, read books, drink some tasty drinks and just snuggle up.

This date night has @kelseymetcalf26’s stamp of approval!

For some more ‘indoor camping ideas @adarlinghansen says to light up that indoor fireplace, eat s’mores and watch a movie!

Couple snuggling and smiling in a candle lit blanket fort during a date night
This is totally a self portrait that Hunter and I snagged after building a blanket fort for a date night hahaha!

2. Cooking Date Night Idea

Whether you fed into the panicked shopping or not, you probably have lots of food that doesn’t seem to go together . Check out Recipe Key! It lets you input foods you have in your kitchen and whips up possible recipes. Choose one that you both like or that sounds interesting and get cooking! Set the table up fancier than usual and put some effort into the plating. Dinner party for two!

COOK-OFF CHALLENGE!! If you’re the competitive type choose two dishes and challenge each other to who can do it better!

A couple snuggling in their kitchen during a date night enjoying each others company and smiling at each other

3. Get Outside

Just because we’re social distancing doesn’t mean the outdoors is closed or canceled. Alaska is a huuuuge state with plenty of room to share the outdoors. Take that date night outside! Go on a hike, take a long drive, build a campfire and sit outside for a bit. If you have good winter camping gear, heck go camping! You have all this time to spend together, so make the most of it!

@sprucetip_images likes a nice and classic walk along the beach.

@ari.kalashnikova puts her stamp of approval on car camping with a good movie!

A couple snuggling in the back of their Nissa Xterra during a campfire date night with their German Shepherd

4. Game Date Night!!

Find some games, board games, card games, video games, or even online multiplayer games and set up a game day. I’m making an effort to play some video games with Hunter these next couple weeks. I always viewed it as a time suck(the ironnyyyy, pretty sure Instagram sucks more of my time than video games ever will!!). I’d rather have a time suck I get to do with my husband as opposed to without him. Looking forward to some at-home video game nights!

  • Two player games
    • Rummy
    • Monopoly Deal
    • War
    • Speed
    • Egyptian Rat Slap
    • Sequence
    • Backgammon
    • Monopoly
    • Scrabble
    • Chess

@emilyrose486 likes playing board/card games and then whoever wins gets to pick that night’s Netflix movie! Super fun!

@matthewvincent particularly likes Go Fish!

5. Learn How to Dance / Something New

Watch some YouTube videos, clear your living room and get to dancing! This is always a fun option if you love dancing or simply want to get out of your comfort zone. Get your hips moving and heart pumping, this serves as double duty, learn some skills and get your exercise on! If dancing isn’t your style, try painting or drawing or photography to pass the time together and challenge yourselves!

@kelseymetcalf26 recommends Zumba!

Black and white film like photo of a couple dancing on a lake shore under the moon

6. Wine & Paint Night-@carlifickes

If you have the supplies, pour some win, pull out your brushes and get painting! Maybe even try painting portraits of each other, or set up a little still life or go off a photo on your phone. Whatever the case, do a paint night at home and have some fun with it!

7. Spa Night- @ari.kalashnikova

Pull out your face masks, eye masks, pore strips, run that bath, and get to pampering each other! Maybe even pull out some massage oils and do a little de-stress massage!

8. Karaoke

Youtube your favorite songs that have the lyrics but no words, and have a blast! Guaranteed to create lots of laughter and amusement!

That’s it! Those are the Best Date Night Ideas During Social Distancing! Easy peasy!

Do you have any at fun date night ideas that are easy to do during social distancing that you’d like to recommend? Drop them in the comments! I’m always down for new ideas and heck might even extend this list further, but I wanted to make sure I got something out there today for everyone prepping for extended homestays. Let’s get the ball rolling and get more couples inspired to try something out of the norm!

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