Hey, I'm an elopement photographer based in Alaska! I love genuine moments between people and love that I get to document them for a living <3

Meet Donna

Christa and Michael are truly a perfect match. They are dog-loving, beer-drinking, adventure-seeking, and Netflix watching kinda people, it’s the best! It always makes me so happy when couples personalize their session. Bringing their dogs along was a big part of it for them, and that just made it all the more special! Also, they had their first date at Midnight Sun Brewing Company and that obviously meant bringing beer along. It was so perfect too, because what’s more Alaskan than a Girdwood engagement session hiking to a waterfall with your pups and exploring a riverbed sipping some beer? We enjoyed spending the evening together laughing and adventuring around with them. I’m so excited about their fall wedding on JBER at Otter Lake Chalet, it’s going to be so sweet!

Girdwood is one of my absolute favorite places in Alaska, granted, I love pretty much everywhere in Alaska. But there is something just so magical about all of the trees and mountains there. Girdwood engagement sessions, elopements, weddings, seniors, creative shoots, all of them just make me so incredibly happy and I’m very excited about all the future sessions!!

Making Your Session All About You

Do you know what I loved the very most about Christ and Michael’s sessions? Besides just how freaking fun they were to photograph. I loved that their session was 100% them. From bringing their dogs and some bear, and to the locations they chose to showcase the state they live in, it was all about them. THAT is what I’m all about guys. I’m all about couples being unapologetically themselves and making their sessions a true reflection of who they are as people and as a couple.

If you are down for a session full of fun then I think you should deeeefinitely reach out! I dare ya 😉


Virgin Creek Falls is one of my favorite simple Girdwood hikes. It is short and sweet and takes you to the most beautiful waterfall that you can just sit at and enjoy for hours at a time if you wanted.

When we got to the last portion of their session we decided to head to the riverbed. It was the perfect last backdrop for this portion of their session when they were sipping beer, snuggling and hanging out with their dogs.



This Girdwood engagement was one for the books!

couple kissing at base of waterfall


Girdwood Engagement with Dogs and Beer


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Mountains aren’t just a geographical feature to Donna Marie Photography, but a symbol of steadfastness, adventure, and the beauty of the world around us.

Color variation of full Mount Hunter with Donna Marie Photography

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