Hey, I'm an elopement photographer based in Alaska! I love genuine moments between people and love that I get to document them for a living <3

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Alaskan Elopement Inspiration

This Alaskan elopement styled collaboration filled my cup and then some. I’ve always been obsessed with fairytales, candles, dimly lit romantic scenes, and everything in between. When I first drove past this park in Sutton back in 2015, I knew I had to shoot there. Weeks, months, years passed and I had forgotten about the little gem until I saw it pop up on facebook. All my thoughts were confirmed, it was a GORGEOUS place for photos! I shot a few creative sessions there before this shoot but it wasn’t quite what I hoped, they weren’t magical. This place deserves magic!

I knew I had to do something more stylized and was starting to hash out the details. Fast forward to July and I started putting a team together to make this Alaska elopement inspiration a reality. We were all giddy with excitement!! I wanted it to be dark and romantic with tons of candles and deep, rich colors, a very romantic and moody wedding theme. We absolutely hit the nail on the head!

Burning Love as seen in Alaska Bride & Groom Magazine.

Concrete ruins with romantic candle scene and wedding couple

The Why

The reason I do sessions like this is 1) It fuels my creativity 2) I love working with local wedding vendors and 3) It provides Alaska elopement and wedding inspiration to brides who want something different.

If you’re getting married I’m sure you have seen your fair share of Pinterest and multiple different ways to style weddings and elopements. Some may excite you, some may bore you… Hopefully, this excites you! I want you to know that your ideas aren’t out of reach, you can make your day all you!

Intimate weddings are some of my favorite. There is just something so special about getting to witness two people declare their love to each other surrounded by their closest people. No stress, no drama, just you and the wild outdoors that surround you. If you’re wanting to forego the rush of a normal wedding day, go for it! If you still want to incorporate decorations and a little set up just for the two of you, heck yeah!! This day is about you! Just because you want it to be small doesn’t mean you have to skip out on other things you may want. Also, if you don’t want any of that then that is totally okay as well! Alaska is a gorgeous state with so much opportunity to go out and make some magic, let’s make it happen!!

If you’re looking for vendor recommendations I definitely think you should scroll till the end because there are some bomb names down there that you have to check out!

Eloping in Alaska, or anywhere else for that matter? Let’s get in touch!
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Bride standing between concrete ruins in tulle wedding dress with wild bouquet of flowersCouple sitting at beautifully done up sweetheart table with candlesCouple sitting at beautifully done up sweetheart table with candlesCouple sitting at beautifully done up sweetheart table with candlesCouple sitting at beautifully done up sweetheart table with candlesCouple wedding inspiration place setting Couple wedding inspiration place settingCouple hilding hands with pearl wedding ringCouple sitting at beautifully done up sweetheart table with candlesCouple nuzzling foreheads togetherBeautifully done un table with black velvet table cloth and candles and flowersCouple sitting at beautifully done up sweetheart table with candlesPearl wedding ring sitting on top of a gold splatter cake with mossGorgeous gold splatter cake with moss and candelightCouple cheersing champagne glasses at candlelit tableBeautifully done up table with black velvet table cloth and candles and flowersAerial view of game of thrones themed wedding tablescape, dark and moody wedding themeAerial view of game of thrones themed wedding tablescape, dark and moody wedding themeCouple dip kissing on concrete wall against sunlit mountainsBlack gold splattered cake with moss and candlelight against concrete backdrop Candlelit champagne glasses against concrete ruins Cake cutting details, knife and serverWedding couple cutting black cake with gold splatter and moss Wedding couple cutting black cake with gold splatter and moss Wedding couple cutting black cake with gold splatter and moss Wedding couple cutting black cake with gold splatter and mossWedding couple snuggled up in candelit ruins Wedding couple snuggled up in candelit ruins Closeup of candlelit pearl wedding ringWedding couple laughing in the candlelightBride and groom forehead to forehead in the candle lightWatercolor invitation suite with calligraphyBeautiful wild red and white bouquet on black wicker chair and black sheepskin rugBride and groom beside each other with black wicker chair and candlelightWatercolor invitation suite with calligraphy Couple sitting against concrete ruins with candles, black wicker chair, game of thrones inspiredBride and groom about to kiss in a candlelit setting Bride and groom kissing in candlelit setting



The Creative Team


A Touch of Saige Events.   Saige has the worlds best eye for styling a scene. I can tell her something that I want and somehow, magically, she makes it happen. She just so happened to have 100+ candles that she set up and lit with the help of Don and Ian, and she created the most gorgeous tablescape, with food!! If you’re having any doubt as to whether you should hire a wedding planner at all, then I’m here to erase that doubt.

Saige goes above and beyond for her clients and takes immense pride in her work. She will coordinate everything and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible as well as connect you with any other vendors you need to make your day the best ever. Not only will this take so much stress off of your shoulders, but it will also relieve the stress on your family. No longer will your mother or mother-in-law be running around trying to coordinate last minute details, they can get ready with you and enjoy the day while the details are being perfected by Saige. She will take your Alaska elopement and make it total perfection!

Beautifully done up table with black velvet table cloth and candles and flowers


Don Chon Photography.     I’ve had the opportunity to work with Don on some personal projects as well as a wedding and it has been super fun! He has such a great and laid back personality and is super cool to work with! If you’re looking for a videographer, or are wondering if you should hire one, then I say yes! While what I do as a photographer creates timeless memories, having a video with sound, music, and your voices is an entirely different and special means of remembering your day. You can see his handy work at the very top, isn’t it great?!


Cutie Cakes Custom Bakes.     Okay, let me tell you about Allie’s cakes… They. Are. DELICIOUS! I’ve worked with her several times and each time got to eat some cake and honestly, it was amazing! I don’t think I have ever enjoyed cake as much as I enjoy hers! Whatever your vision, whatever the flavor you are going for, she can make it happen!

Gorgeous black and grey cake with gold splatter and moss


Petals and Paper.     Tina’s sweet demeanor and eye for flower arranging is such a wonderful combination because not only is she amazing to work with but she also creates gorgeous displays and bouquets. Flowers are probably one of my favorite details during the wedding day, they speak so much to the bride’s personality as well as to the florist’s creative take on the bride’s vision. There is just something so amazing about having real, fresh, and wonderful smelling flowers during a wedding.

Wild red and white boutquet

Invitation Suite:

Jourdin Gregoire Designs.     This talented artist right here created the most stunning invitation suite ever!! If you want to create super personalized invites for your guests then I highly recommend looking into hiring a calligrapher and someone who is skilled at creating one of a kind paperwork, like Jourdin. She’s the bomb!

Watercolor invitation suite with calligraphy


Chance Droege at Cloud 9 Day Spa.    Chance is such a sweetheart and absolutely knows what she is doing when it comes to creating the perfect makeup look for the setting. She can do anything from natural to dramatic and on into some pretty neat Halloween looks, she is just so talented! I have loved getting to work and shoot with her on several occasions and I highly recommend her expertise!

Makeup done by Chance Droege


Ruby Acord & Ian Zwink.    While these two are not married just yet, they are some of my close friends that I always somehow rope into shooting crazy ideas in the cold with me. No matter the setting or occasion these two have always been ready and willing and I appreciate that so much <3 Not only do they support all my crazy business endeavors but they are just absolutely amazing friends and I love getting to have them in my life!

I also would like to leave a friendly reminder to leave no trace! If you are using an area it is very nice and thoughtful to leave it as you found it. We made sure to scrape up any wax that we saw and were very careful to not leave any trash or belongings behind. Not only does it keep the area looking gorgeous, but it sets examples for anyone that might be admiring your work <3

Couple sitting against concrete ruins with candles, black wicker chair, game of thrones inspired


Romantic Alaska Elopement Inspiration


Loving what you're reading and want to see more of my work and look into working together? Check out my portfolio!

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Mountains aren’t just a geographical feature to Donna Marie Photography, but a symbol of steadfastness, adventure, and the beauty of the world around us.

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