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Okay guys, buckle up, because this is a cuuuuuuute session! Ruby has been one of my close friends since college and I’m so excited for her. Her and  Ian have been together for the last three years and the anticipation of a proposal has been in the air for a while. When it didn’t happen on their last trip to Germany I knew it was going to happen on this friends trip to Hawaii, and I’m not mad about it! Wearing the hat of Hawaii Photographer this trip (again) has been freaking bomb.Couple walking on the beach at sunset smiling at each other

This trip to Hawaii had been in the works for a couple of months and we were all getting super excited. The initial thought that Ian was going to propose beforehand while he and Ruby were in Germany. When he didn’t, we knew what was coming! (Thankfully Ruby was oblivious haha!). This trip has most definitely been a memorable one, and I’m 100% down to be the one getting all the awesome photos in Hawaii for everyone.Couple standing on beach he is kissing her forehead Couple kissing on the beach at sunset Couple dancing on the beach at sunset by a Hawaii Photographer Series of images of a couple spinning on the beach and laughing

The Surprise Proposal

September 15th was a day for the books as we explored Hawaii and raced to catch the sunset at Chun’s Reef. Our suspicions of a proposal were confirmed when Ian had told us (Kayla, Riana and I) earlier on the trip that he brought the ring and that’s when the planning started. We had explored the East Side of the island that morning and went on a hike (a much longer hike than anticipated that cut our day a bit short). It was fun, but incredibly muddy haha, we checked out Maunawili Falls. Ruby was unsuspecting as we were all frantically trying to get to the Norther Shore in time to make this happen. Lemme tell you, keeping a secret like this is hard. BUT. We succeeded haha!

When we got to the beach I started taking cute photos of the girls on the trip to lead into taking photos of Ruby and Ian. Let’s be honest though, they knew that I would be stealing them for photos 24/7 on this trip haha!Couple snuggling and hugging on the beach Man is sneaking up on a girl at the beach to propose Surprise proposal on Oahu by a Hawaii Photographer Surprise proposal on the beach in Oahu at Sunset Couple hugging after surprise proposal on the beach Surprise beach proposal at sunset Couple tearing up after proposal Series of photos of a surprise beach proposalCouple going in for a kiss after proposal Couple hugging on beach Detail photo of engagement ring Couple snuggling on the beach Couple laughing and smiling on the beach Couple giving a piggy back ride on the beach Couple kissing in Hawaii with photographer Couple piggy backing on the beach

After all the excitement we decided to go for a night swim, it was cut short by realizing how rocky the beach was and also after Riana informed us that Sharks like to hunt at night. (I’m not trying to get eaten by a Shark on this trip.) It made for some romantic photos though!Couple snuggling in the water after sunset Couple kissing in the water after sunsetSeries of photos of couple kissing in the water after sunsetHawaii Photographer

If you are on the hunt for a Hawaii Photographer I am 100% in! Check out this blog post for more cute Hawaii photos!

Detail photo of engagement ring


Romantic Sunset Proposal on Oahu


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