Hey, I'm an elopement photographer based in Alaska! I have love genuine moments between people and love that I get to document them for a living <3

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This session at Magic Sands Beach was one for the books. I was in Kona, Hawaii with my husband on our first real vacation in ages. I loved being away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, however, I still had the photoshoot itch. Hawaii is so incredibly beautiful and I couldn’t pass up a chance to do a photo session. When I stumbled across this couple on Instagram that lived in Kona, I knew they were the ones! I’ve always dreamed of traveling back and forth between Hawaii and Alaska. Something about winter weddings and sessions in Hawaii sounds much more appealing than negative temperatures in Anchorage. I do like the ring of “Kona Photographer”, or “Hawaii Photographer” in general. In other words, someone please give me a tropical escape from winters in Alaska!Couple hugging and snuggling and smiling on Magic Sands beach during engagement session with a Kona Photographer

Tigrai and Valentine said yes in a heartbeat and we started making plans! They were all laughs and smiled and down to run and play and snuggle up on the lava rock. Magic Sands Beach apparently is a lot more beachy and sandy but with the high tides and crazy waves from the weather warnings, a lot of the sand got sucked out to sea. We made the most of it though! My poor Alaskan feet are definitely not accustomed to lava rock walking, yet, once I’m a Kona photographer myself I think I’d get the hang of it all 😉

Side by side photos of couple standing on Magic Sands Beach by Kona PhotographerLet’s take a moment to acknowledge hot freaking cute these two are, yeah?! Check these out…

It’s all in the details

I always love stepping in close and getting those sweet detail photos. Hands being held, cheeks caressed, lips being kissed, etc. Something about just getting right up close to the little moments makes me so incredibly happy. It tells the story more fully than just shots from afar.

Couple sitting with each other on a lava rock beach giggling together during their engagement session with a knoa photographerHere is where my husband chimed in and told them to do their best “Blue Steel”, which was hilarious and made for good laughs. I must say though, they pulled Zoolander off pretty well! I love it when couples aren’t afraid to get a little silly, after all, we’re all a little quirky and that should be showcased!

Looking for a photographer in Kona?

Big Island is my first Hawaiian island love. The lava beaches, the gorgeous mountains, the people. Literally, it is perfection!

Alaska is just one hop-skip and a jump away from Big Island, and a couple of other islands as well, and I would love to make trips there a regular occurrence. <3

If you’re in search of a portrait or wedding photographer in Kona, I would absolutely love to be considered. I have been traveling from a young age and getting to visit new places and meet new and amazing people is something my heart yearns for. Kona has stuck with me and I’d love to get to explore the area and entire island more! I am 100% down for a good time and a solid adventure no matter what you have in mind! If this sounds like your cup of tea, let’s chat!

Couple holding hands in front of each other and smiling at each other on Magic Sands Beach


Magic Sands Beach Engagement Session


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