Sweet Couples Session in Queen Liliokalani Gardens in Hilo, Hawaii

Whew!! Getting some greenery and beaches up in this blog is a breath of fresh air since the last few have been frigid. This sweet session in Queen Liliuokalani Gardens in Hilo, Hawaii is a total dream! I had so much fun working with Levi and Shakti, they were all laughs and smiles and down for anything. We got to explore around the gardens and see some of the most amazing trees, plants and flowers. I’m still in awe of how green and lush it was! After exploring the gardens we went to Coconut Island, waded in the water and sat in the sand. Being a photographer in Alaska has many perks, but Hawaii spoiled me with it’s warm climate.

With my remaining time in Hawaii I got to do a lot of exploring, walking the beach, hiking waterfalls and eating yummy food at various restaurants (show of hands, who else loves eating good food while on vacation? I always way over spend, but my tummy is happy haha!). Hunter was working while we were there so I did a lot of wandering by myself. It was still fun though! I’m definitely going back someday , Hawaii is, after all, only a hop skip and a jump away! Also, I think “Alaska and Hawaii Wedding Photographer” has a nice ring to it 😉

Let’s go to Hawaii! (And beyond!)

If you haven’t already, go check out my Details page to see my travel itinerary and list of places I want to go (session discounts may apply!). My goal this year is to travel as much as I possible could, and with that goal has come SO many opportunities and I’m so incredibly excited about the rest of my trips this year. So let’s go ahead and fill next year to the brim with some adventures together, how’s that sound?

Also, without further ado, here is a bomb gallery of images from this gorgeous Hawaii session:

Detail photo of couples arms wrapped around each other in black and whiteCouple standing on a stone bridge in Hawaiian Garden

Couple sitting on steps hugging and laughing in black and white

Couple sitting on steps snugglingCouple standing under pink flower tree laughing Couple standing under pink flower tree laughingCouple walking and laughing in a gardenCouple laughing and snuggling on a sandy beachCouple snuggling on a sandy beachCouple holding hands and walking into the water Couple is holding hands and spinning in circles laughing Couple is kissing on sandy beach A couple hugging on a beach laughing and smiling A couple holding hands and walking out on lava rock on a beach A couple kissing romantically on the beach A couple standing in the water, detail shot of their feet and she is on her tip toes Couple is standing in the water kissing Couple is sitting on the beach, fingers interlaced Couple snuggling on the beach laughing Couple almost kissing romantically

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