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It’s no secret that hiring a wedding planner will save you time and stress on your big day. Just imagine a morning free from responsibilities and spent with your favorite people. Your parents are present and not trying to coordinate. You’re worry-free and confident knowing that your wedding is in good hands with the planner. How nice does that sound? You and your loved ones shouldn’t have to be stressing about ironing table cloths and hauling decor. That’s where Saige, or whoever your Alaska wedding planner is, comes into play. I reached out to Saige, the boss babe behind A Touch of Saige Events, to get the inside scoop just for you! She tells us who she is, why she does what she does, and why you should reconsider hiring a planner!

Candlelit wedding table with couple side by side with her place setting

Saige helped execute the amazing styled candle shoot that was featured in Alaska Bride & Groom magazine and made the cover! See more of that styled session here.

Interview with an Alaska Wedding Planner

Q. What brought on event planning? When did you know it was going to be your thing?

Since I can remember I have always had a love of Events and decorating. My parents have some close friends who think it is important to get together regularly and enjoy each other’s company. After one party ended I always asked when the next one was. Purely because I wanted to be there and help in some way, no matter what it may be.

Pulling an idea/theme together always came naturally to me and stood out in all that I do. I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs so the freedom and flexibility of owning my own business appealed to much more than a standard job with repetition. I’ve had a handful of other jobs but found what I loved and started my career at a young age. I love what I do and I put all of my heart and soul into our events and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Transitioning to being an Alaska wedding planner

I was going to college to get my business degree and needed an internship to graduate so I applied to intern for a local Alaska wedding planner. Around the same time, I had stepped into the wedding industry by offering some simple services at a venue and continued there for a few years. After two years working with the planner, it was time to make some decisions so I chose to branch off on my own full time and serve my own clients. Owning my own business allows me to communicate and create with clients in my own way and how I want to represent my company that I worked so hard to build. I love being a part of any events that clients come to me with.

His table setting side by side with moody candle lit wedding table by Alaska wedding planner

An Alaska wedding planner invested in your experience

Q. Most may not know, but wedding planning goes beyond day-of coordination. Can you give us a little sneak at the process to show how important your job is? When couples don’t think they need a wedding planner, what are they missing out on?

Wedding planning & design is sooo much more than just the day of. I know in Alaska there is a common thought that “oh, we don’t need a planner, I have lots of friends/family to help out”. I HIGHLY encourage you not to do this to your friends and family! Sure, they probably want to help but it becomes so much more than that. Based on when you hire a wedding planner, we could be working with you starting at 12+ months out, to the last minute “oh no” moment when you decide you don’t want to deal with it all a month out. Either way, we are happy to support you. Based on the timeline and package you may invest in, we can handpick your vendors, venue selection, full design plans, rental arrangements, and much more.

Most potential clients I meet with all say “We’ve never done this before so we need help on knowing what to do” that’s the beauty of a planner, we’ve done this hundreds of times and know the right people to bring on your team and when to check things off your list. When I am hired as your planner I want you and your people to have a hands-off approach. You should be enjoying the day with your nearest and dearest, not having them running around, getting sweaty, changing your ideas to what they think you meant, and not allowing them to prepare for the day with you by getting dressed up and being in the moment.

On your wedding day, we as your planner, will be the first people to arrive and continue communicating with vendors, setting up the ceremony and reception space, adding in your personal decor and setting up any other rentals there may be. If there are any issues that present themselves, we fix them before you even realize they existed. We complete the space, keep to logistics and timeline all while you’re with your besties getting pampered, drinking champagne, and enjoying every moment as you should be because it’s YOUR wedding day!


Couple snuggled up with wood stove in winter wedding setting and winter table scape

Q. What should couples know and look for when searching for planners?

Make sure that you and your planner are able to connect on a personal level. Ask them information about themselves, why they do what they do, how long have they been in the industry, what excites them the most. Not that these are decision making questions, but they allow you to know more about the person you could potentially work with. Make sure you’re clear on what they are providing you, especially during the day of. Find out how they make your day stress free so you understand the value they provide.

Signs of a good planner is someone who puts their energy back into their business. I know it may seem a bit technical but you want someone who has a legitimate business. Things that confirm this would be: social media business accounts, a website, a business email, licenses, insurance, and certification. Know that the person you’re hiring has invested their time, money, and effort into the services they provide to give you the best options.

There are a lot of people who “don’t advertise” and just help out friends of friends for a low cost. This may seem like a viable option, but is it really saving you money in the long run? How invested is that person to help you? Will they answer your call the night before the wedding when you’re panicked about things getting done, will they hold your dress while you pee because no one else is around and you really have to go? Will they complete 300 favors for your guests the week of the wedding because you didn’t have time? We do these things for you because we are invested in your experience.

I want couples to feel comfortable with their decision and know that they will not only be hiring a planner for their wedding but I will be so much more to them, including a friend. We also try to offer flexibility in their booking options. No couple is the same so why offer “standard” packages for everyone, we want to work with their needs and find what benefits them the most for their wedding day.

Crystal inspired wedding set up by alaska wedding planner

Q. What are your favorite parts about working with couples and planning their weddings?

I love seeing it all come together for the couple and getting to learn about them and why they chose each other. Not only do I get to meet a great couple but I get to meet their friends and family. It always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I feel welcomed into the group and they understand the value of having me there. I get to see everyone laugh, cry, smile, and celebrate together and have one of the best nights of their lives. Seeing the end result of a set venue, happy clients, great vendors, and an overall amazing event is all worth it to me. No matter if there were bumps in the road, or it was smooth sailing, I love it all.

Boho bride and groom kissing in straw gras, side by side boho table scape with peacock chairs and candles

Q. What has been your favorite wedding moment so far?

My favorite moment so far was with my last summer wedding of the 2019 season. I first met my clients back in January with a wedding set for September 15th. When the bride first told me about her plans I was a little hesitant to do a wedding mid-September under a tent in a field in Palmer. If you know anything about Palmer after August, it’s most likely going to be extremely windy and raining. So you can see why I wasn’t too sure but I went to look at the space anyways. While there I still wasn’t loving the outdoor options but there was mention of a barn on the property but they didn’t think it would work. I said let’s take a look anyway and see if we could do anything.

As soon as I walked into the main space I knew this was it. I had my vision come to me within 10 seconds and knew we had to make this happen. Granted, at first sight, the barn was a little worse for wear. It had broken-down vehicles, motorcycles, hay, farming equipment, construction material, and many other unknowns inside. The bride and her family all looked at me like I was crazy. After describing what we could do they decided to trust me and put some effort in to clean out the barn.

Long story short, it turned out amazing and far exceeded anything the bride thought the family barn she grew up playing in could be and so much more. This particular wedding had many moments that were special to me. From multiple meetings filled with laughter, attempting to create her centerpieces out of concrete (keyword– attempting) to becoming friends. Finally seeing her face when she walked into the finished barn for the first time with all of her guests cheering them on was an awesome moment as well. All of those moments made it a wedding I will never forget. See the barn transformation here on her facebook page!

Boho his and hers place settings by Alaska wedding planner

Okay, now onto some fun questions to give us some insight into your personal life:

Q. What is your favorite thing about yourself outside of being an event planner?

My favorite thing about myself outside of being a planner is probably the fact that I own my own businesses. I am able to provide for myself, feed my dogs, and have the freedom to work on my own schedule. My business has become my life, it’s introduced me to amazing friends, one, in particular, being Donna. It also allows me to be creative and help people on a daily basis enjoy their special moments. I also really enjoy baking and cooking which gives me a similar joy of seeing people enjoying what I create.

Carnival inspired wedding table side by side with couple in front of carnival wedding arch

Q. Do you have any pets?

I have two of the cutest little dogs, Olive & Mango! Ollie is a Terrier and Mango is a Mini Golden Doodle. They both have two of the most unique personalities I’ve ever seen in dogs. I couldn’t picture life without them. They are so funny, energetic, and always can put a smile on anyone’s face with their quirks. My parents just added a new member, Finnley who is also a mini golden doodle. Even though she is theirs, I treat her as my own since they are three best friends anyone could have.

Q. What do you do in your spare time?

I don’t have any spare time lol but when I get a chance, I spend time with friends and family. Play with my dogs, plan creative shoots, play & coach basketball, and try to travel as much as possible.

Carnival inspired wedding table side by side with couple cheersing their drinks

Q. Anything else you want to share with couples out there that are jumping headfirst into planning?

Think about your time and how valuable that is to you in the planning process. Enjoy the process, don’t dread it like most that don’t hire wedding professionals. If you’re looking to hire a wedding planner in Alaska, give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation. If you have questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out! Planning is our expertise but we also offer so much more!

Thank you!


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Saige from A Touch of Saige Events leaning up a tree in the winter portrait photo

boho bride and groom kissing in tall dead grass


Interview with an Alaska Wedding Planner | A Touch of Saige Events

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